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Clocks. You love ’em, we certainly love ’em. So you hardly need a reason to take on a new clock build, but it makes it much sweeter when you know there’s a horde of people waiting to fawn over your creation. Hackaday’s Tell Time Contest is a celebration of interesting timepieces. Show off a clever way to mark the passage of time and gain the adoration of your peers, and maybe even score a prize!

The Rotating Moon Clock is an interesting take on a timepiece

From now until January 24th, you can enter your project by using the “Submit project to…” menu on the left sidebar of your project page. There is only one main constraint: it needs to somehow represent time. Microseconds or millennia, minutes until the next bus arrival or centuries until Pluto completes its next orbit, we don’t care as long as you find it interesting.

Document your timepiece with pictures, a description, and all of the technical details. Three outstanding entries will each receive a $100 cash prize, based on craftsmanship, function, and creativity.

Tick-tock… don’t delay. Time’s slipping away to have your quirky clock immortalized on Hackaday.

11 thoughts on “New Contest: Tell Time

  1. “Once you have published your project, look in the left sidebar for the “Submit project to…” menu in order to enter it in the Tell Time Contest.”
    Not an explicit option. There’s the TipLine, and a Feather contest.

  2. Building a clock/watch is easy,
    but figuring out what or how to “tell” time is the hard part!
    I have never managed to get time to speed up/slow down/pause just by talking to it.

  3. Okay, I’m going to mention this, as I most likely won’t get around to building it (for the Contest… or ever)
    Antikythera Device!

    It could incorporate e-ink displays or multiple motors, maybe even a crank for setting the date.

    P.s. another idea would be to hook one of those rotary “Star Charts” to a clock mechanism/circuit to always show the overhead stars (day or night).
    Or an ISS overhead clock.

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