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By now most readers will be familiar with the Miniware TS100 and TS80 soldering irons, compact and lightweight temperature controlled soldering tools that have set a new standard at the lower-priced end of the decent soldering iron market. We know they have an STM32 processor, a USB interface, and an OLED display, and that there have been a variety of alternative firmwares produced for them.

Take a close look at the TS80, and you’ll find the element connector is rather familiar. It’s a 3.5 mm jack plug, something we’re more used to as an audio connector. Surely audio from a soldering iron would be crazy? Not if you are [Joric], who has created a music player firmware for the little USB-C iron. It’s hardly a tour de force of musical entertainment and it won’t pull away the audiophiles from their reference DACs, but it does at least produce a recognisable We Wish You A Merry Christmas as you’ll see from the video below the break.

Since the TS100 arrived a couple of years ago we’ve seen a variety of inventive firmware for it. You may remember [Joric]’s previous triumph of a Tetris game for the iron, but our favourite is probably the TS100 oscilloscope.

Thanks [cahbtexhuk] for the tip.

11 thoughts on “Your TS80 – Music Player

    1. Or maybe…

      (Can’t recall the artist for this one) – “Burn, Baby Burn”
      Johnny Cash – “Ring of Fire”
      Bob Seeger – “The Fire Down Below”
      Icehouse – “Touch The Fire”
      John Farnham – “Burn For You”
      Noiseworks – “Burning Feeling”
      Mike Curb Congregation – “Burning Bridges”
      Midnight Oil – “Beds Are Burning” (serves you right if you’re playing with a soldering iron in bed!)
      INXS – “Burn For You”
      John Mellencamp – “Paper in Fire”
      Pat Benetar – “All Fired Up”
      Def Leppard – “Ring Of Fire”
      Deep Purple – “Into The Fire”
      Chris De Burgh – “Light A Fire”

      Of course, all of these are copyrighted, so YouTube “performance” might be an issue here. ;-)

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