LED Heart Beats With The Beholder

Many a maker likes to use their craft to create gifts for loved ones. [Jiří Praus] was celebrating having been married for 5 years, and crafted this beautiful LED heart sculpture to commemorate the occasion.

The outer shell was created by first starting with a 3D printed heart shape. This was used as a form upon which the brass wire could be soldered together to form an attractive heart-shaped cage. Inside, an Arduino Nano is hooked up to a series of WS2812b LEDs. The LEDs are flashed in time with the heartbeat of the person holding the heart, thanks to a MAX30102 heartbeat sensor. There’s also a TP4056 charge module and a small lithium battery to provide power for the device.

Adding the heartbeat sensor really makes this project shine, forming a connection between the holder and the device itself. The tasteful craftsmanship of the brass design makes this an excellent gift, one we’re sure anyone would like to receive. We’ve seen [Jiří Praus] make the most of this artform before too, with projects like this stunning tulip or dead-bug Arduino. Video after the break. 

9 thoughts on “LED Heart Beats With The Beholder

    1. Hmmmm if it’s every relationship then maybe the problem is you? Sorry buddy, been there too. Best of luck working it out. Glad I eventually did, it was well worth it.

  1. Lovely idea. Pretty sure my girl would love getting a present like this too.
    The only thing that bothers me a bit is that it’s lacking symmetry and that there is a 4-corner polygon in the center to allow for the pushbutton-activation. I’d probably try to put a little IMU in there and have it activate if you move/pick up the heart…

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