A Teleprompter For The Rest Of Us

Sometimes it’s so easy to become tied up in a world of microcontrollers and complex mechanical linkages that we forget the simplest of hacks can be the most elegant. [Lex Kravitz]’s teleprompter is a good example, delivering the measured style of a professional addressing the studio camera to the laptop owner with a built-in camera nestled above their screen.

Just because this teleprompter is simply a mirror and a piece of clear plastic doesn’t mean that it’s a poor quality implementation though. It’s housed in a smart two-piece 3D-printed frame that hooks over the top of the monitor and locates with an area of screen into which you can place your teleprompter software. This is a world into which we haven’t previously delved, so aside from the array of Windows freeware that pops up in a Google search we found there are a few opensource offerings. There is TeleKast which appears to be no longer updated, and Imaginary Teleprompter, which even has an online version you can try in a web browser.

[Lex] is no stranger to these pages, having most recently appeared as part of our PPE testing Hack Chat.

3 thoughts on “A Teleprompter For The Rest Of Us

    1. Apparently powerpoint karaoke is a thing, you give someone a deck of random bollocks, or some actual presentation that isn’t related to the theme, and they have to give a talk with it.

      It sounds really fun. Too bad the hackerspace scene doesn’t seem to be as big anymore… for… reasons….

      1. Powerpoint karaoke…

        It would have been neat at college to take all our semester final reports (on Powerpoint of course!) and shuffle them, and have a student picked at random to narrate!

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