ESP32-S2 And RP2040 Hack Chat With Adafruit

Join us on Wednesday, January 27 at noon Pacific for the ESP32-S2 and RP2040 Hack Chat with Adafruit!

It’s always an event when we have Adafruit on the Hack Chat, and last time was no exception. Then, the ESP32-S2 was the new newness, and Adafruit was just diving into what’s possible with the chip. It’s an interesting beast — with a single core and no Bluetooth or Ethernet built-in, it appears to be less capable than other Espressif chips. But with a faster CPU, more GPIO and ADCs, a RISC-V co-processor, and native USB, the chip looked promising.

Among their other duties, the folks at Adafruit have spent the last six months working with the chip, and they’d now like to share what they’ve learned with the community. So Limor “Ladyada” Fried, Phillip Torrone, Scott Shawcroft, Dan Halbert, and Jeff Epler will stop by the Hack Chat to show us what’s under the hood of the ESP32-S2. They’ve worked on a bunch of projects using the chip, and they’ve taken a deep-dive into the chip’s deep-sleep capabilities, so stop by the Chat with your burning questions about low-power applications or anything ESP32-S2-related and ask away.

Plus, a late and exciting addition to the agenda: they’ll be talking about the recently released RP2040, the first custom chip from the folks at Raspberry Pi. We’ve already started talking about the Raspberry Pi Pico​, the dev board that uses the chip, and Adafruit will share what they’ve learned about the RP2040 so far.

join-hack-chatOur Hack Chats are live community events in the Hack Chat group messaging. This week we’ll be sitting down on Wednesday, January 27 at 12:00 PM Pacific time. If time zones have you tied up, we have a handy time zone converter.

Click that speech bubble to the right, and you’ll be taken directly to the Hack Chat group on You don’t have to wait until Wednesday; join whenever you want and you can see what the community is talking about.


20 thoughts on “ESP32-S2 And RP2040 Hack Chat With Adafruit

  1. Curious, why? Sparkfun has made significant contributions to open hardware (most of the cheap arduino clones are thanks to their designs) and Adafruit (ladyada particularly) has made significant contributions to OSS libraries for lots of neat peripherals.

    Beyond that, the subject of the talk should be interesting enough. Just chatting about the new ESP32-S2 and what they’ve learned about it.

      1. Couple of things going on, moderation of unduly nasty comments, and the report button (which everyone keeps hitting just trying to scroll the comments) seems to have got extra tweaky and is randomly removing large comment threads which show up again some time later.

        1. I wonder if comments from automoderated people tick the number up as well. I’ve been automoderated for several years now and they still haven’t removed me from the list even after multiple promises to do so, so I’m left to leaving “ghost”-comments.

    1. Mine has been buggy the past few days as well. Probably Akismet being overly aggressive and mods having to correct. I have few nice things to say about that system lol. It shut me down for a day just for posting two replies in less than a minute smh.
      Oh well, bring on the Torrone! I always learn something in a fun way with PT :)

  2. They make a lot of good software libraries and documentation on how to use them, I respect them for their great contributions to making arduino bits and bobs relatively easy to use.

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