11 thoughts on “Haptic Feedback For FPS Games Relies On OpenCV

  1. Pc is tops because of the keyboard and mouse, the games that those controls enable, the creative freedom and limitless development of games. Not really “customization”. Sound like something dell or hp would say.

  2. It is funny but I remember watching some people playing Elite back in the 80’s and they provided their own inner ear feedback by leaning back on their chair when tilting the nose of their spacecraft up, or leaning slightly to the left when rotating the spacecraft to the left. They were naturally providing their own feedback to enhance the reality of the game. The funny thing is that once you see people helping their own immersive experience you start to notice it more.

  3. “Where they’re let down perhaps is in the typical keyboard and mouse interface, which tends to eschew fancy features such as haptic feedback which have long been standard on consoles.”

    Insert face here into the new smack-a-tronic for when verbal slaps aren’t good enough.

  4. There have been some attempts at haptic feedback devices for fps gaming on desktop but I think the main weakness is, the additional “realism” impairs the player and makes it harder to do well. I’m thinking of the Novint Falcon here but the concept is more general: gamers don’t necessarily want more immersive experiences if it puts them at a competitive disadvantage.

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