This (Obsolete Technology) Museum Is (Not) Obsolete

[Look Mum No Computer] sits inside his new museum of obsolete technology and synth oddities.

You know, we’re not sure how this escaped our attention for so long. Blame it on the summer heat. Did you know that [Look Mum No Computer] opened a museum of obsolete technology a few weeks ago?

Inside a new museum of obsolete technology and synth oddities.This Museum is (Not) Obsolete is located by the seaside in the Ramsgate section of Kent, England, where you’ll also find the Micro Museum, a collection of computing and video game history. [LMNK] says it took 10 months to build the museum, which is a maze of vintage delights including decades of computers and computer accessories, signal generators, VFDs, vacuum tubes, old phone equipment, and 50 years’ worth of 150-in-one electronics kits. This list doesn’t even sort of start to scratch the surface.

Around every turn there are forgotten technological gems and never-heard-ofs, plus the space is peppered with [LMNK]’s own superb synth creations. (Who could forget the Furby Organ?) The goal is to make it as interactive as possible, and to keep growing the collection. So far, [LMNK] has welcomed visitors of all backgrounds and ages, which is exactly what he was after. Can’t quite make it to Ramsgate? Us either. Do what we did and take the video tour below.

If you can get there, you might want to check out the National Museum of Computing, too.

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11 thoughts on “This (Obsolete Technology) Museum Is (Not) Obsolete

  1. I wish i´d the opportunity to hold every piece of my big collections since the 80´s.
    But no. Getting unimployed, loosing home etc.

    Very big loss was a 200+ collection of mini- and microcomputers incl. an unbuild Apple I Kit (bought for an apple) in 1989.
    Lost my home and gave the entire collection to a friend as a lend up to my return with a new flat.
    2 years later i found out, he scrapped the entire collection for small money of iron an copper.

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