Spin Some Spudgers From Secondhand Silverware

Even though it’s not the right tool for the job, we’ve all used a flat head screwdriver for other purposes. Admit it — you’ve pried open a thing or two with that one in the toolbox that’s all dirty and dinged up anyway. But oftentimes, screwdrivers just aren’t thin enough. What you need is a spudger, which for some reason, seem to only come in plastic. Blame our disposable times.

In a relevant break from building electronics, [lonesoulsurfer] took the time to craft a set of spudgers and such from secondhand silverware. These are all made from spoons and butter knives sourced from a thrift store. For the spoons, [lonesoulsurfer] removed the heads with an angle grinder, shaped them on a belt sander, and thinned them out until they were spudger-slim. After doing the same with the handle end, [lonesoulsurfer] polished up the new tools on the wheel with some compound.

Not all of these are spudgers — some are destined to scrape, and others for lifting badges and decals. But they all live in harmony in a handy carrying case. Check out the build video after the break.

On the other hand, sometimes a disposable tool is all you really need.

20 thoughts on “Spin Some Spudgers From Secondhand Silverware

  1. Used a flat head screwdriver for other purposes? Hell, I’ve used a butter knife as a flat head screwdriver! But this is a good idea, and leaves the other butter knives in peace.

    1. Actually they do exist in metal and are generally my preferred choice for not damaging what you are trying to open.

      Does depends a great deal on the clips (or glue) you are trying to separate, but the very thin metal spudger can often just slide between the case halves and disengage the clip without much force, so no damage done. The plastic ones are great for when you have to really pry at things as hopefully they are not so much harder than the target but if you can slip the thin metal ones in its usually best as far as I am concerned.

      Which is why IMO you should always have both – good for all occasions, and throw in the flat head screwdrivers too – its wedge shape can be handy for holding the open ends apart as you work that stubborn edge/corner and being really stiff can give you that usable lever the thin metal and soft plastic can’t.

  2. In my country, if you said you had a set of spudgers, someone would suggest you seek medical advice.

    I can see this being useful for locksmith tools though. You know, as opposed to “key”.

  3. Plastic loyalty points card comes in handy as poor man’s spudger for prying things. Unlike credit/bank cards, they aren’t laminated (RFID chip) or raised lettering.

    For not so delicate work, I use a chisel. It is great for opening up old wall wart that is glue shut. A few light hammering can loose things up.

  4. Spudgers is a good idea as well for old flat ware. I’ve cut the spoon bowls off intact and cleaned the shape up, drill a small hole in each end and add appropriate rings and treble hook from fishing supply and you’ve got a fishing lure. Spoon handles can be rolled into rings as well..

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