Banana Split Macropad Is Dessert For Your Desk

Once again, [Dan Bostian] is ahead of the curve when it comes to bringing bunches of banana puns to the table, but we think you’ll find this banana split macropad quite appealing nonetheless. Does this tasty thing look familiar? It ought to — we discovered, plucked, and uncovered the one-piece version last summer, and this time, [Dan] simply made our two-piece, wireless dreams come true.
Peel back the — oh, forget it. Inside, you’ll find a nice!nano running the show from the right-hand board using ZMK firmware, and a banana-shaped chalk outline on the left-hand silkscreen that represents how completely [Dan] killed it with this build. You can use any switches you want, as long as they’re Cherry MX-compatible in the shoe footprint department.
The PCBs are open source, of course, and so are the printed parts — it’s all there in the repo. As for the stickers, well, you’ll have to produce those yourself.

10 thoughts on “Banana Split Macropad Is Dessert For Your Desk

  1. “Once again, [Dan Bostian] is ahead of the curve”
    It feels to me like he is possibly on the wrong side of the curve. I haven’t used a macropad, but it seems like the curve pulling the outer keys away from the fingers isn’t optimal. Maybe its use is so infrequent as to render my observation meaningless.

    I concur with the earlier call for magnets to hold the halves together when desired.

    At any rate, it’s a fun(ny) implementation worthy of a mention by the QOOK (Queen of Oddball Keyboards… QuOOK, perhaps?).

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