Chandelier Mimics The Solar Analemma

The solar analemma is the shape the sun traces out when photographed each day at the same time and same location for a whole year – but you probably knew that already. [makendo] decided to use this skewed figure-eight shape as the inspiration for a chandelier, and the results are stunning.

A laser cutter was used to cut out segments of the analemma shape in plywood, such that they could slot together into the full form. These were then glued together on to a plywood sheet as a template to cut out the full-size form in a single piece. Some laminate edging was then added and the entire thing was given a coat of black gloss paint. String lights were cut up to provide the many globe fittings required, and installed on the back of the chandelier.

[makendo] notes that with a full 51 bulbs in the chandelier, it’s way too bright for most dining room settings. A dimmer is thus used to tone down the output to reduce eyestrain at mealtimes. It’s a fun build, and we’ve always loved light fixtures that are inspired by astronomy. If you like the moon more than the sun, though, there’s a build for you too!

14 thoughts on “Chandelier Mimics The Solar Analemma

  1. I love it. But it would have no place in my home. It would take too much explanation — visiting muggles wouldn’t grok it.

    I second [steelman] It really needs animation with the season. Missed opportunity: one more bulb could make one per week.

    1. While I find the LED version more impressive*, it looks like it belongs in a bar. I can understand why [makendo] changed the design for household use.

      * Particularly the fact that the LEDs are spaced out correctly along the track

      1. “it looks like it belongs in a bar”

        I’m trying to think of a name for a bar that would cater to astrophysicists, astronomers, and orbital mechanics engineers…

  2. be more interesting if he had just figured out exactly
    where to drill.a little hole in the wall and the put a prismatic mirror at the right point
    which is of course anywhere facing south,and so I used the prism out of a set of binoculars,and get a moving
    l8ght on my cieling
    also an anelema would only be symetrical ?where
    not sure if anywhere at all
    so realy a just a light that needs a lot of explaining

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