Robot Blade Runner Turns In World Record Time

While we wish colleges and universities competed more on academics, we can’t deny that more people are interested in their athletics programs. Oregon State, however, has done a little of both since their bipedal robot, Cassie, became the world’s fastest bipedal robot according to the Guinness Book of World Records. You can see a video of the 100 meter run below, but don’t blink. The robot turned in a time of around 25 seconds.

Impressive, but still not on par with Usan Bolt’s time of under 10 seconds for the same distance. If you want to see what that would be like, try running the long way across a football field and see how far you get in 25 seconds. There isn’t a lot of technical detail about the robot, but you can intuit some things from watching it go. You can also find a little more information on the robot and some of its siblings on the University’s website.

If you think robots won’t ever run as well as humans, we used to think the same thing about playing chess. This doesn’t look like we normally envision a bipedal robot. Then again, there isn’t any reason robots have to look, or move, like we do.

23 thoughts on “Robot Blade Runner Turns In World Record Time

      1. That line was always odd to me, since 40 Watts is not a whole lot.

        If you take a machine gun with a 600 rounds per minute fire rate, and 2 kJ muzzle energy, that comes out at 20 kilowatts of power down the range.

    1. The proper pronoun for a machine is “it.”

      It should have been disqualified for leaving its lane.

      “It’s” mean “it is.” The possessive form of “it” is “its.”

  1. not to diminish the accomplishment, but there’s a guy with a remote control keeping it in the lane. all it’s doing is running and turning on command, not interacting with its surroundings.

      1. What that might help if you point them backwards and fire as you go, it wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

        I was thinking about counter-balancing the force of moving each leg forward with an arm moving backward, kind of like how our own meat puppets work.

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