Come Join Us For Hackaday Berlin!

It’s been far too long since we’ve had an event in Europe, and we’re going to fix that right now. Hackaday Berlin 2023 will be a day-long conference full of great talks, badge hacking, music, art, madness, and gathering with your favorite hackers on Saturday, March 25.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll have a pre-event party Friday night, and then a bring-a-hack brunch on Sunday with further opportunities to show off whatever projects you’re bringing along, hack some more on the badge, wind down, and/or play together. So if your travel plans allow it, come in Friday mid-day and don’t schedule your return ticket until Sunday evening.

Cutting to the chase: early bird tickets are on sale right now, so go get one! But even if you miss out on those, and they’ll go like hotcakes, the regular tickets are well worth it. Everything is fully catered, the badge and the swag are phenomenal, and the talks will be first-rate.

Last time we were in Europe, the party went on until 2 AM!

Saturday’s main events will include a handful of fantastic invited guest talks, but also a few hours of Lightning Talks given by you – yes, you! If you’ve never attended a lightning talk, you get seven minutes to run through one of your favorite projects. We want to know what’s on your workbench right now, what new skills you’ve been teaching yourself, or the groundwork you’ve been laying for the next big project. It’s your chance to inspire everyone in the room – grab it.

Everyone asked us to do a second run of the 2022 Hackaday Supercon badge, and now we’ve got the perfect excuse! Designed by Voja Antonic, the badge is a standalone retrocomputer in the style of an Altair or similar, but it’s much more. Between blinking LEDs that display everything going on, down to the gates in the ALU, and a trimmed-down machine language, it’s an invitation to get deeply in touch with the machine. If you felt left out because you couldn’t travel to Pasadena last November, here’s your second chance.

And then there’s the crowd. Hackaday really is a global community of hackers, and Hackaday events tend to bring out the best. Even if you’re not planning to give a lightning talk (and you should!) be prepared to talk about what you’re doing, because everyone else there is just as interested in cool projects as you are. Hackaday Berlin will be a great opportunity to connect and reconnect with new and old friends alike. Come join us!

We’ll be following up with a speaker announcement next week, but if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below. Otherwise, we’ll see you in Berlin.

55 thoughts on “Come Join Us For Hackaday Berlin!

  1. Got my ticket, seems like it was a good idea to follow hackaday on eventbrite ;P
    If anybody wants to stay in Berlin a bit longer, xHain Hack & Makespace has an open evening on Monday, but I can also offer a tour on Sunday – just tell me if you’re interested.

    Oh and I forgot to mention: woop wooooop!

    1. Decided to get the full price ticket anyways. I would be there until Sunday evening.
      Should be fun.

      I wonder how much space there will be. I actually worked in the motionlab some time ago and while it is a nice location it is not that huge.

        1. Yeah. We tried for the traditional powers-of-two pricing, but we couldn’t bill in euros b/c our account is in the US. And then the fees shot us in the foot as well!

          I wonder if they change the price with the exchange rates?

          Expect the full price tickets to be not-quite-equal to 128€ as well, then…

          1. Have you considered using to sell your tickets? They’re probably a lot cheaper when hosted on their infrastructure, but you can host your own as it is (I think) completely open source.

    1. That’s great! You don’t have to apply in advance. Just come to Berlin ready to give the talk.

      If we end up having too many, we’ll add another session, or draw straws. Ideally, we’ll cover everyone, but if all 300 people want to give a 7 minute talk each …. does math … we’ll have to stay for another day and a half.

  2. We decided to just invite a few killer speakers because we simply didn’t have time for a full CFP round. But I hope you won’t be disappointed.

    And we’re also excited to widen up the scope by having the lightning talks. It’s kind of like a micro-CFP in real time, if you know what I mean. You should totally give one. (But be prepared, because it’s harder to say less than more!)

    Anyway, we’ve only got one day for talks, so we’re trying to make the absolute most of it in terms of both quality and breadth of topics. This is the way the experiment goes this time. If it stinks, we won’t do it again. :)

    1. My expectations are exceedingly low. We will probably be forced to leave due to lethal noise levels anyways, and just talk about our projects as far from the hackaday celebrities as possible.

      Does any one of them have even one project published on that is not just a photo and a link to an external website? Have any of them uttered a single sentence in the hackchat, outside of the official hackchat events?

  3. Will there be any measures to keep participants safe? Please consider ventilation with CO2 monitoring, explicit requests that people perform a daily rapid test, and avoiding overcrowding. People who wish to protect themselves will wear an FFP2/N95 mask, but they still need a good baseline of cleanish air.

    For people who can’t afford to get infected, the pandemic is far from over, but we like events too!

    1. Absolutely. My understanding is that the venue is large enough, and moreover is open-plan and if you’re uncomfortable, you can migrate into smaller spaces. We’ll be sure to keep it well ventilated, and we’re talking with the MotionLab folks about COVID precautions.

      (There were previously some trollish comments here underneath.)

  4. I would have like to be able to go to this. I’m trying to move to Berlin, but I’m not there yet.
    Unfortunately a barely 2 month lead time doesn’t really give me enough time to make arrangements for that… I already have other commitments scheduled.
    I hope all of my Berlin hackerspace friends have a good time at the show!

  5. Hello, great idea to have an Hackaday conference in europe.
    Before I book flight, hotel and conference you would like to know the planned topics and referents.
    Do you have an agenda for saturday and a description oft the party on friday and the brunch on sunday?
    Are there extra tickets needed for Friday/Sunday? What time will the events start/end?

    Thanks in advance for the info.

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