It’s A Sander! No, It’s A Toothbrush! Relax, Relax, It’s Both

We always enjoy a project that transforms some common object into something useful for us. [Modelkitsdeluxe] fits the bill by modifying a power toothbrush into a miniature sander. If you want to practice your Spanish, you can watch the video below. Or you can try the automatically translated captions.

As you can guess from the user name, he is mainly interested in working with small models, but it struck us that this might also be useful for general 3D printing. Honestly, once you have the idea, there isn’t much to it. You mutilate a brush head that fits the toothbrush to accept a small sanding disk.

There are probably a dozen ways to attach your sandpaper or emery cloth to the head. [Modelkitdeluxe] used double-sided tape and Velcro. While we applaud the upcycling, we’ll probably stick with a hobby tool. Our toothbrush makes an annoying buzz every 30 seconds or so to remind you to move to another part of your mouth. That doesn’t seem like a great feature when doing precision sanding. On the other hand, you could probably yank the controller out of the toothbrush and use it for the motor, drive, and batteries to avoid that.

If you want to tackle that, here’s something to get you started. If sanding doesn’t turn your crank, maybe you can try turning your deadbolt.

11 thoughts on “It’s A Sander! No, It’s A Toothbrush! Relax, Relax, It’s Both

  1. Well, I use my old tooth brush since years in a similar way, but not only for sanding.
    However, I would go for a mini drill machine (e. g. Dremel) and use one of the many available tools for that.

  2. The problem with using a toothbrush for sanding is that it moves the sandpaper over a short distance. This tends to clog the sandpaper rapidly. I find that using a larger piece of sandpaper, in combination with wet sanding, produces less clogging, extending the useful life of the sandpaper.
    If I want to remove a lot of material, I’ll use a sanding disk on a cordless drill. You can get waterproof sandpaper as disks, too.

    1. “How ever did “turn your crank” get associated with ‘To excite one or arouse one’s interest.’”

      It goes back a looooong time. All the way to the era of crank-started cars. See also: “it really gets my engine running”

    2. Crank is an American English euphemism for Penis. Along with about 10,000 other words.

      Crank Yankers now also means practical joker. Because you’d yank someone else’s crank as a joke?

      Doesn’t bear close examination…like most humor. Is she really ‘so fine you could boil her panties and make soup’? Girl skid marks come in all colors of the rainbow, sometimes simultaneously. You are happier not knowing.

  3. Some spin a little brush, some oscillate short arcs so that correct vertical brushing is done between the teeth. One I came across moves in and out, so I attached a alligator clip with a metal blade in the jaw. I can place a strip of fine sandpaper or Tyvek soaked with Caig’s juice over the end and quickly clean organ contacts and the hard to clean sockets that board edge connectors mate with. Moving in any other mode will bend the finger contacts, so cleaning with a rag on a spatula is out.

    Works very well. No tool like it in public, surgical tool maybe?

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