Goatee Pasta Maker Makes Us Hunger For Hair

A white woman with a long ponytail in a green apron looks down at a mannequin head with pasta coming out of its chin. There is an orange pasta gun sticking out of the back of its head and a chef's hat on its head. It looks vaguely like a bust of Ramses.

Some hacks are pure acts of whimsy, and [Simone Giertz] is back to her roots with this Goatee Pasta Maker.

If violence to mannequin heads is upsetting, the video may be a bit NSFW (to warn you now that you already clicked on it). What started out as a pasta-making version of those Play-Doh hair people quickly morphed into a more scaled-back endeavor with simply extruding pasta through the mannequin’s chin to create pasta hair.

Initial attempts at using a basketball to extrude clay (used as a pasta stand-in) through holes in a mannequin’s head were unsuccessful, so [Giertz] turned to a more conventional pasta gun to handle the pasta extrusion. Since the gun didn’t have the volume necessary to produce a full head of hair, or even a respectable mustache, the next mannequin’s chin was subjected to multiple drill holes for pasta to escape in a hairy tangle.

The results aren’t exactly appetizing, but it definitely does make edible pasta. If you’re looking for more pasta hacks, how about ramen in an edible package, flat pack pasta, or Barilla’s Open Source pasta tool?

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