A Fully Automatic British Breakfast: Ready While You Sleep

What do you mean, the temporary breadboard setup went into production? (Credit: Gregulations, YouTube)
What do you mean, the temporary breadboard setup went into production? (Credit: [Gregulations], YouTube)
Among all the amazing technologies that were promised to us, there is one that is much more egregious than the lack of flying cars and real hovering hoverboards: the lack of fully automated breakfast-maker machines. Instead we find ourselves handling the same dumb appliances each morning as we make a healthy breakfast that we then have time to wolf down before rushing out of the door to still be a few minutes late for work. When [Greg] researched machines that could automatically prepare breakfast, he came up empty, which led him down the rabbit hole of the Autochef-9000.

Although often featured in movies – ranging from Back to the Future to Wallace and Gromit – the contraptions in those are rarely practical, and real-life attempts often suffer the problem of feature creep as they have to handle too many ingredients and operations. This is where [Greg] found redemption in the simplicity of a proper British breakfast: beans, toast, sausages (sossys), and eggs. Months of CAD, welding, breadboarding, and writing Arduino code later, he made a machine that can open a can of beans, toast bread, boil eggs, fry up sausages, and deposit it all on a plate, all ready for that morning breakfast first thing when you stroll into the kitchen.

Thanks to [htky] for the tip.

35 thoughts on “A Fully Automatic British Breakfast: Ready While You Sleep

  1. Errrr ….. sorry to say this …… but there is no such thing as a ‘British Breakfast’. More likely, this is what non UK habitants probably think exists, not realising that breakfasts are devolved into the separate countries within the British isles, for example Scotland, Wales and England. In Wales, you’d need to ask for a ‘Welsh Breakfast’ and in England a ‘Full English’. If you travel to the UK and ask for a ‘British Breakfast’, especially in certain parts of N.Ireland or Wales, you’re likely to get into potentially serious trouble.

    1. BTW, I did a bit of research about breakfasts in N.Ireland and came to the conclusion that if you want to order a hearty, Full English Breakfast style entity in that location, the best thing to ask for would be ‘Breakfast’. (Try to avoid all other geo-political definitions including Irish, Ulster or British)

  2. As an American, “beans on toast” always seemed like a weird enough pairing on its own, but there’s also an extra corner of my brain that links baked beans with cowboys and the “Ancient West” (🖖) so it feels extra out of place. 😅🤷

      1. There is never enough of the magical animal.

        I’ll take the Spam, sausage, bacon, Spam, pork chops, BBQ ribs, pulled pork, carnitas, hog jowls, ham hocks and Spam please.
        No chitlins.

  3. Now I have a new engineering motto:

    “I ran out of ways to fuck it up!”

    That deserves a t-shirt, methinks.

    Good effort, but I never have beans with egg, so I think my version will be more of a frying pan cum plate affair.

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