Looking Forward To EMF 2024

It’s that time of year again when some parts of our community travel out into the countryside to spend time with each other under canvas in a field somewhere with power and fast internet — it’s hacker camp season. Here in Europe that means it’s the turn of the British hackers to have the year’s large event, in the form of the latest incarnation of Electromagnetic Field. We’ll be there, camera and microphone in hand, and with luck we’ll be able to bring you a flavour of the event.

The atmosphere that comes from being in the company of several thousand like minds is stimulating enough, but what makes these outdoor events special is that the villages become so much more than simply a group of geeks at a table with their laptops. Where else can one find a tea room run by a hackerspace except courtesy of MK Makerspace, or a fully functional pop-up motor racing circuit from Hacky Racers?

This year’s event badge is an interesting one, the ESP32-S3 powered and hexagon-shaped Tildagon. It’s a bold attempt to redefine the event badge away from a one-off trinket into one that lasts across multiple events, with custom “Hexpansions” like the petals on a flower, intended to have new ones appear on an event by event basis.

If you’re going to be at EMF then maybe we can join you for a pint, otherwise we’ll be bringing you the best that we find there. To whet your appetite, here’s something of the last one.

10 thoughts on “Looking Forward To EMF 2024

    1. Are we looking at the same page? It says tickets are $230. That’s less than pretty much any hacker con I’ve ever gone to, and not even half of what DEFCON costs.

      Bigger problem seems to be that they are sold out, which I guess isn’t huge surprise since it’s only a couple days out now.

  1. In my case its the cost of the ticket, cost of the airplane ticket to and from, lodging, meals, transportation, and then finding out after the tickets are gone. Missed the Berlin one by three days.

    1. To be fair, the post isn’t really meant as an announcement for the event. Frankly, EMF doesn’t need our help to get the word out. It was more about the fact that Jenny will be there personally and plans on providing some on the ground coverage.

      That being said, we probably should have gotten it out a little sooner anyway.

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