Tonight Is Hacker Chat With The Hackaday Writing Crew

Tonight at 6pm PDT (UTC-7) is that last Hacker Chat before the entry deadline for the 2015 Hackaday Prize. Join us to talk about all things hardware. Those who need last-minute advice, or are looking for team members for an epic weekend hackathon to bootstrap your winning entry, this is the place to find it. It’s worth entering something… we’re giving everyone with an entry a limited-edition shirt.. and a well executed idea just might get you to the next round!

Joining [Brian Benchoff], [Adam Fabio], and me for tonight’s festivities are [Richard Baguley], [Kevin Dady] (aka [Osgeld]), [Bil Herd], [Kristina Panos], and [Al Williams]. We run these things a bit like the wild-west. There is just a bit of structure, but mostly anything goes. As far as the structure, add your project to this sheet if you want it to be one of the discussion topics. Other than that, share your knowledge and opinions while being excellent to each other. See you this evening!

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