Hidden Messages in Audio

[Alex] tiped us off about the evil sounding noises coming from http://www.thedarkknightrises.com/. when you go there your pretty much greeted with a wav file and if you have a quick eye on the status bar its pretty easy to get the direct link to the file and download it. Thats all great, but why would you want to?

Well if you play back the file in a program that supports spectrograms (like audacity) you will find that there is a twitter hash hidden within the audio spectrum, that presents itself as plain text in a pretty well rendered font. Of course this leads you to another part of the site where yet another puzzle awaits you.

While this is all an interesting way to stir up buzz about the upcoming (Batman) movie, we found hiding plain text in an audio file pretty wild, though its been done before or better such as the post we had not too long ago about Ham’s packing QR codes in a similar way.