Propeller Platform Logic Analzyer

[Wulfden’s] new gadget is a 28 channel 3.3 volt digital logic analyzer. Powered by a Parallax Propeller running at 100MHz (permitting a 10 nanosecond sampling rate), using all though hole parts, and open design so it is possible to whip up your own.

Data is collected and sent to a host computer running Propalyzer which looks to be a very nice logic analyzer front end, and sports all the needed features and a HP inspired design. The design of the board allows you to plug it on to any Propeller Platform board, and this is very handy for those who have other Propeller boards, though others will have to source a regulated 3.3 volt power supply, and serial converter.

Overall this looks to be a very handy tool to have around, whether you opt for the kit to use on your Propeller Platform boards or roll your own, the features and cost are very attractive if you need a logic analyzer.

Join us after the break for a quick introduction video by [Nick] (of Gadget Gangster)

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