provide access to the google desktop search service from remote machines


i’ve been moving all my media, back ups, docs and music to one server that i can access from any anywhere in the house. it’s coming along slowly, but i wanted to have some fast searching on it–and with the new google desktop search it’s almost possible, but it can only search the local machine. well, here’s the google desktop proxy which will allow you do search a machine with the google desktop search app from another computer.

be careful with this one, someone could potentially search your machine get your info, also be nice and don’t do anything bad with this :-]


  1. For easier but less effective version use a port redirector.

    c:/>fpipe -l 80 -r 4664

    – fpipe from @Foundstone
    Use -vv for verbose

  2. Dika says:

    Another tool that create a web server (search server) from a GDS:

    It interact with GDS and have web interface for server options.

  3. another one says:

    I saw another one called Soogle – Search over the google, an open source project from
    It uses apache + Php to parse the GDS search. more flexible and easier to extend more functionalities like user management, new document alerts, etc.

  4. arkon says:
  5. Bob says:

    is this legal for corporate use?

  6. livedakanas says:

    hey…how do i access a remote server without a username or password, using remote desktop?

  7. aSa says:

    Another PHP app to access Google Desktop Search from another computer :

  8. malinda says:

    I’ve used goolag & soolag but i got a same error saying XML error.can you please any know what is this..

    Please help me to solve this??

  9. Tejo says:

    any working solution for lattest 5.9 GDS?

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