hackaday podcast 03

Podcast 03

the third official hackaday podcast is now out! you can download it here or on iTunes. we’ll be talking about everything from defcon, to the internet going down in pakistan, to the guy who made furniture out of fedex boxes. it clocks in at 33 minutes of vince and eliot goodness so what are you waiting for already? give it a listen!

download hackaday podcast 03

Update: iTunes still sucks but you can download it above! woohoo!


  1. dudemann says:

    i cannot find the hackaday podcast on itunes :'(

  2. matt2 says:

    The link is down and cant find in itunes

  3. iDB4.com says:

    Booooo! Link is down! Booooooooo!

  4. Orbit says:

    The link is dead :( I dont have iTunes either.

  5. haney says:

    WTF mate? the link is down

  6. mrdelayer says:

    dead link :( :(: (

  7. windwaker says:

    Great podcast. =D

  8. kolwon says:

    i was lookin forward to this one… any chance of it being up tonight??

  9. Brandon says:

    best podcast ever!

  10. mikey D says:

    Please post the link to the first podcast, I can’t find it! It may be a good idea to organize your podcasts onto one page, for easy indexing.

  11. derek Gowrylow says:

    Whats the name of the podcast on itunes?

  12. windwaker says:

    I beat you to it, brandon.


  13. nate mc says:


    Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

  14. solaraeus says:

    crap, bad link….

  15. strider_mt2k says:

    Boil that ‘cast link!
    Boil that ‘cast link!

  16. Dash says:

    Yes! Im just glad some one agrees with me ont he fact that itunes sucks!

  17. sulk says:

    oh my, my psp doesnt like it, just wont play on it T_T

  18. Dude mcgee says:

    Are you guys incapable of setting up an RSS feed for this “podcast”. Numerous people asked on the comments section for podcast 2, but there was no response.
    I don’t think it’s fair for someone to rip into itunes when they can’t even set up a simple rss feed.

  19. miz says:

    how do i find the podcast on itunes so it can auto update or whatever random thing itunes is said to do? or should i just screw it and keep downloading from the site?

  20. mark says:

    iTunes isgood and really like the idea of podcasting but can one of u hackaday geeks plz tell us what the podcast is.

  21. BM5k says:

    Any news on when the itunes link is gunna *work*?

  22. scott says:

    please set up an rss feed so i can listen on me psp!

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