Typewriter keyboard

type keyboard

Here is a full conversion of a typewriter into a computer keyboard. There’s actually something more nefarious at work here. Since you can still use the typewriter normally after the mod, Erik has essentially made a typewriter keystroke logger.  Okay, so that isn’t really a threat, but this is a nice project that tries to overcome the stress inducing on/off nature of modern keyboards. All it needs now is a buffer and some nixie tubes and we’d have the coolest word processor yet.

[thanks ron]


  1. Dan says:

    bloody norton filtered the site due to sex/acts


  2. alex says:

    reminds me of that keyboard the detective had in the animatrix.

  3. Dan says:

    bloody norton filtered the site due to sex/acts


  4. Isuo says:

    More of these kinds of hacks!

  5. azog says:

    Remember the old “Max Headroom” television series from the late 80s? All the computers had similar input devices…

  6. seesoe says:

    i have seen this before i think form hack a day? hhhhmm i have seen it quite some time back

  7. jamima69 says:

    this site gets more retarded with each passing day…

  8. Lord towers says:

    #6 then why do you bother to come back every day and comment?

  9. clinton says:

    Thats very odd but I can appreciate the amount of work that went into it. I’ve seen people spend more time on stupider things that didn’t work as well.

  10. ben says:

    I think it’s badass. I love the design of old typewriters.

  11. jamima69 says:

    lmao-every day??? i think you have me confused with someone who has nothing better to do-i don’t even check this site every WEEK anymore. used to be a hell of a site,but now it’s mostly filler.
    besides,it’s a free country a**hole-and thats what comments are for,postive and negative. if you want cheerleaders,go to a football game.

    btw,i was comment #7,but i think you meant me-hell,even if you can’t count,i’m sure of it.

  12. jamima69 says:

    btw-did these guys ever figure out the much promised cvs vidcam hack? like i was saying,i don’t bother with this site much these days.

  13. smilr says:

    RE 11, free country yes, private weblog however :)

    As for the hack – pretty sweet, though I wonder if a thinner guage wire would have made things a bit cleaner (if harder to solder)…

    So without a working backspace key, how would one delete? Did he wire up another key that was easier to access as delete (like he did with the carriage return system), or is it completely unavailable on the typewriter keyboard?

  14. david lowe says:

    How about a nixie tube clock? wristwatch?

  15. yo says:

    This would be really good for getting old people to start using computers

  16. Logan says:


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