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the podcast link is fixed. download it here.

it’s the weekend. woohoo. rock eh? we’re trying to get jolt cola to sponsor our philadelphia hackaday meeting and it looks good. it’ll be held at the holiday inn here on august 4th. more information will come later, no worries. so here’s some links to hold you over while you glee with excitement.

the xshox mod. make your xbox controller shock you! (read carefully) [camzmac]
this pez hack is pretty interesting to say the least. [bm5k]
get your “free” verizon get it now on. [robby]
portable cardboard speakers. they’re a bit um

49 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. I was going to make some cardboard speakers like that but though it might be a bit corny.

    Anyway, I can program PHP. I’ve done quite a few scripts as well as phpbb mods/hacks in the past.

  2. I can do some programming in Visual Basic.Net, what is it you need to be programmed on cell-phones? Oh, and whatever happened to that CVS camcorder hack, was it already posted and I missed it?

  3. Where’s that chat link?
    I attend a chat over at 1SRC on saturday nights, and wouldn’t mind adding another weekly to the lineup -especially one on a cool site like this!

    I like how you guys are mixing in music and stuff trying to punch things up.
    BTW, are thos Babylon 5 sounds I’m hearing in the backround on your computer?

    ~Cool ‘cast and a great site!~

  4. im learning c++, just earlier i thought of a nice little program that would be nice to have on a cell phone (thought of it while i was at a drug and alcohol program) im gonna try to code it in c++ when i get time. it had to do with the amount of beers you can drink till you get drunk, factoring in how fast your liver filters your alcohol and how heavy you are. should be interesting. would definately be something neat for a cell phone.

  5. I’m a programmer, i recently graduated from Lehigh University with an Electrical Computer Engineering degree. What is it you need to make? I’ve never screwed around with cell phones before, but I’m decently sure it’s just a java ripoff with some custom calls.

    Let me know what you need.

  6. thecheeks, i dont think its up yet. atleast thats what i understand. there are alot of longhorn winbetas out there, ive downloaded about 3 of them, all of them seem to be longhorn, but it never finishes installing. always a missing file, and one time it was just xp pro, with all the longhorn logos.

    “While the new, highly anticipated operating system is not up for download, Beta 1 is expected to be up for grabs later this month.”

  7. I can program in c++, console and graphics. Also a smidge of Java. If designing websites is considered programming, I do that too.
    Well, Evansbee, we both probably know that the games on cell phones are programmed in java (or some other weird variation) but are the menus + apps and that sort of thing on phones also java related?

  8. im quite ecclectic, i actually dislike programming, and programmers, no offence guys, im sure there are some nice ones out there

    i had a look at j2me, but im not a fan of java, so i didnt go to far in that, tho some of the development tools are the best ive seen

    ive learnt and regularly use asp, and code mainly in xhtml, not html, and i am currently teaching myself flash actionscript, with plans to move on to flash for mobiles

    my university taught me c++, but that was awful to use mainly to do with the console based interface

    i have set up a development group specialising in design, rather than function, we dont produce anything unless it conforms to ergonomic rules, and beuty

  9. I was making cardboard enclosures for speakers 20 years ago. One time I made one with accoustical ceiling tiles. It had some very nice full-range sound, using a good old $10 Radio Shack 8″ woofer for the bottom end. Those were the days…

  10. I do programming, C++ Windows or console programming, PHP, JavaScripting, a little x86 assembly, smatterings of other stuff, no cell phone programming though.
    I hadn’t seen that homemade glowing orb before, that’s pretty cool. It would be a good project.

  11. addressing the camcorder hack: listen to the podcast.

    addressing programming for cellphones: c++ becomes pretty useless at a lot of points though I love c++ 10x more than java. Java is a big cellphone language as is BREW. Im talking mostly about Symbian and Java development too…as well as WML w/ PHP for WAP applications.

    As for #20: I did my fair share of graphic design. Graphic Design is not programming…it is a joke of a college degree that a 4 year old could get with crayolas. Beuty is also not a word.

  12. You can’t do programming for verizon. It uses BREW which is a closed platform. It used all kinds of security certificates to determine that the program you are running is “Brew Certified” The only phone they got that can run Java is the V710, but you need to hack it to do that.

  13. I can prog in QBasic like its nobody’s business! Other than that, I just like to talk about all the cool things I see on this site as if I have done them with all my friends.

  14. ~Yet another incredibly sad, but good, qbasic (acutally quick basic 7.1) programmer. I mix it up with some old fashion x86 assembly with DEBUG and whatever I can download and get running for free. I like my pure and simplistic (er…atleast when it’s small) math and logic. I write it all usin’ registers and as little memmory as possible, while as little code as possible. It’s more a hobby.

  15. Nice podcast, guys. You need to do them more often than they currently appear on the internet.

    Has anybody actually used Longhorn yet? The previews that I’ve seen just look pretty. Last I’d heard, all of the best features had been cut or were coming after the fact. Sounds like it’s not even worth paying for.

  16. Wow, these guys were alot more careful with their xbox shocker.

    When i did it, we took a muscle stimulater, and used a relay on the rumble packs to the power switch of the stimulator. Lot easier to set up than their “safe” setup. Mind you we were wriggling on the floor every time we would use the warthog gun :P

  17. enjoyed the podcast, vince – good work!

    About the cvscamcorder: check out my interview with phillip torrone:

    How I did it is no secret. On my website, I’ve got almost all the info needed for other people to download their own flash memory. I’ve got the hardware I used, plus the GPL’d specialized software (pureread + flashdump2iso) I wrote. I didn’t take the time to draw a schematic, but the comments in pureread.c say what to connect up. The only missing info is the extra pureread.c code for the extra flash address byte for the larger memory (too lazy to post update– it’s an obvious 2-line change), and the resistor values between the USB IO24 board and the flash memory (to limit the voltage on the flash chip – I think 50K is probably ok).

    I’m working on an improved MIPS disassembler for the firmware. Anyone with access to a scope (or a lot of time) can try their hand at figuring out the mystery pins under the black blob. For more info, check out the discussion boards at http://www.camerahacking.com

  18. hey —
    i’ve been coding Perl/CGI/HTML/Javascript/CSS for the past 6 years… and i’ve been doing C/C++ for the past 5 or so… and Apple’s Cocoa with Objective-C for about 2 years. I don’t know if I can help with the cell phone stuff, but if you need an interface for the mac platform I’m your man :)

    big up hackaday!

  19. I program (hack) my cellphone all the time. I have a sort of a collection of Nokia symbian phones which allow you to do some low level hacking (not just j2me crap). I’ve also done some reverse engineering to the phone to expose some undocumented API’s.

    here’s one of the projects i’ve done. It’s a port of ScummVM to symbian:

    here’s what wired had to say about this:

    and another article in the register about a port of python for the cellphone that i’ve done a looooong time ago:

  20. #23 i would agree, graphic design is different to programming, it is about products, and nothing to do with software design. The other is to do with learning a language. Buy it doesnt mean one cannot learn from the other, my mindset is that there is no point designing a program if no one can use it.

    programmers often arrogantly assume everyone is as intelligent as they are, im sure they will be pleased to know they are exceptional, that is why i set up the community, for programmers who dont think pedantic spelling is a substantial reason to ignore an otherwise helpful comment.

    I take a different view to most programmers, i want to make things even my mum can use, that is why i like flash actionscript, you can create instantly recognise interfaces for 90% of your possible users although i do know it has its down sides.

    and whilst we are being pedantic and arrogant, ‘beauty’ may not be an accuratly spelt word, then why does this site use css to lowercase everything?

  21. Programming: AP Comp Sci, which is now Java. Also did some J2me (java 2 mobile edition –> cellphones, etc.). Also some c, very good with (v,q,p)basic. also good with ASP. whatever.

    My biggest problem with programming is that mostly, it’s just dots on screen. Nothing … real. Most programs are limited to the etherworld, never really doing anything to the real world. That’s why hackaday is really cool – you get to do stuff to the real world.

    I’m also doing a wrt54g mod. http://yasha.okshtein.net/wrt54g/ . software is done. Will post more when I finish the hardware, hopefully by Monday.

  22. I can program for cellphones cuz I’m know/learning JAVA/J2Me by learning i mean figuring out more efficent ways/libraries to do the same things

    but i’m better at programming in C/C++

  23. The Xshok controller mod is a rip off. That’s R-I-P O-F-F! I have made a similar item for the PS1, and it functions the same way, but much more effectively. Here are a few suggestions for aspiring modders/masochists.
    1. DON’T use a 20,000V zapper! use a 9V battery and a radioshak transformer at a much lower cost.
    2. the relay can be replaced with an even cheaper transistor.
    3. run two parallel circuits from the trans to each hand grip so that each has its own + and -, that way the electricity simply goes across each hand and leaves the organs alone.
    4. the little bolts they use to apply the shock are a bunch of BS. I used 1 inch-by-2 inch pieces of tinfoil, one on the top of the controller, one on the bottom, separated by the seam of the two halves of the case. this means that the shock travels across more of your hand, rather than the 1/4 inch between the bolts. use gluestick to apply the tinfoil.
    5. all the “don’t try this yourself, get a professional” crap is just for insurance purposes so that none of the hair-dyed, mountain dew-swigging thirteen year olds that are that into their xboxes will fry themselves (damn shame, too. we need more crispy pseudo-punks).
    In actuality, anyone with a soldering iron and a clear head (like the fine readers of hackaday) can perform this mod without any trouble whatsoever. once I knew what I was doing, making the final version of mine took about 20 minutes.

  24. I have a copy of Longhorn on a disk. My friend’s uncle somehow got a copy of it, then I got my own copy >:] I haven’t tried the OS on a computer yet, though. Hopefully it isn’t shitty.

  25. hey vince, maybe when you find a cell phone progammer, you can ask them to code that masterlock cracking program into either java or symbian? you know, for those times when you’re out in the field, and you can’t open one of your own locks…

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