hackaday announcement – swag

hear hear!

if you guys have gotten your buttons and or stickers, we want to see them in action! so throw us links in the comments to your pictures of you and your swag!


  1. eric says:

    Vince, I sent you an e-mail to send me a button, I can’t send mail out..
    Can I pay for postage via PayPal??!

  2. JD says:

    Hey! These stickers sounds great! Gotta get my envelope out!

    Yo Eric! I got a sugestion, walk down the street, even bike to the nearest village, and throw the letter into a big blue box, labeled Post office!


  3. Bucky says:

    First picture post! swag-tastic! w00t


  4. Actually Ryan was first when he sent this in as a tip yesterday.


  5. Bird603568 says:

    If i mail you an envolope and want a sticker and pin des it need 2 stamps?

  6. zer0render says:

    here’s my photo:

    button came a little dented, probably due to USPS (letter came torn apart too)

    – anthony w.

  7. Matt2 says:

    havent got my swag yet hpefully it will come soon

  8. Ryan says:

    please PLEASE save me a button and a sticker…I couldn’t get my SASE mailed yesterday, it was the crazy end of a week in which I worked 62 hrs…

    it’ll be mailed monday

  9. eric jeffers says:

    I got my sase back today, but with no button and a big hole in the bottom of the envelope. God damn USPS.

  10. richie solarski says:

    I sent a sase for a button, but can i get a sticker with it too?

  11. RulingCzar says:

    I’m right there with you Jeffers, damn envelope with a big hole and no button! Damn you USPS!!!

  12. joelanders says:

    i noticed my mailman strutting around in some hackaday swag the other day….

  13. eric jeffers says:

    I am going to get my button no matter what… Even if have to send a padded envelope with 3.35 of postage. I will have my revenge USPS.

  14. phycon says:

    I am the mailman for vince, hehehe,
    just kidding i really want to know if we are allowed to use the logo for our own goods, i.e. bumperstickers, huge wall poster, paint it on our house etc….

  15. ed3 says:

    Where’s the Hackaday cafepress shop already??

  16. windwaker says:

    the hackaday cafepress shop should be here when cafepress stops blowing (read: never).

  17. cycon says:

    i got my sase back with a big hole and no button too… usps sucks

  18. kiddanger says:

    windwaker is correct. your better off printing your own shirts. cafepress is thumbs down. oh and ill try to get a pic of me and my homemade shirt out in public. i will test my hypothesis “hackaday shirt equals chick magnet”

  19. Xaos says:

    Hmm…this no button thing seems to be a disturbing trend, the hackers got hacked! haha…uhm just kidding…havent recieved mine yet either but hopefully Monday :D

    And yeah, on the next round of buttons, padded envelopes sounds like a good idea.

  20. Their shirts might suck, but their mugs aren’t too bad. http://www.cafepress.com/shop/geeks/browse/Ne-25_N-3807_bt-2_pv-geekcheat.11507711

  21. ok great. you guys can pay for padded envelopes and send them to me.

    also, as cool as it is to make your own stuff, we don’t want low quality shirts floating around with the official ones. we might start selling them at a reasonable price so keep on the lookout. that way everyone is happy and we can afford to order more.

  22. Oh yeah, another thing you can do if you’re really desperate, is to mail me in a regular envelope…a pre-paid priority mail flat rate stamp. it’s for $3.85 i think. i can slap it on a priority mail envelope and throw that in the mailbox. it also fits stuff better and that’s probably how I’ll send out t-shirts.

  23. GRimo says:

    Are you willing to swap for other sites merch?

  24. Xaos says:

    Hey that sounds great, I’d totatlly buy a couple shirts…you think perhaps you (or someone with a sticker) could make a high quality scan of the hackaday skull and logo? that way us more artistically proned people could use those to make our own things like wallpapers and shirt logos and stuff.

  25. Mr.E says:

    Alas, I’m another victim of a torn envelope with no button and a ‘we care’ message from the post office.

    But, looking in the torn envelope was the photo of the USPO postmaster! WTF?!

  26. murrowman789 says:

    hey look!

    also,when i got the mail today the envolope was torn up and had a stamp on it that said “something, something damaged” or something like that. but the pin was in tact and fine as you can see in the picture.

    i made a button! go ahead and use it!

  27. Xaos says:

    i got my button today to, just barely though haha. there was a quarter inch tear on the bottom crease of the envelope, and on the front of it was the part of the button that hooks in, sticking out of the envelope. i opened the envelope and everything was cool, but apparently these things go through hell at the post office b/c the front of the button had been slightly torn/pushed out from the hook on the back. i was thinking, maybe for those who dont send padded envelopes in the future, that the buttons could be put in something, like maybe a little plastic baggie or wrapped up in paper so there wont be so many sharp edges trying to poke through…i’ll post pics later.

  28. Xaos says:

    stylin’ the laptop bag…

    you can see on the right side of it where the pin was pushed through..oh well, battle scars!

  29. weaszel says:

    this really is bizarre… i, too, have fallen prey to the mysterious hackaday-pin-stealing gnomes who apparently work for the usps.

    wonder what the deal is?

  30. Xaos says:

    Its called the sharp edges of the pin tearing the envelope to pieces.

  31. bigSS says:

    same torn envelope here

  32. Meltz says:

    Here is a pic of my brand new hackaday sticker in action on my PC. Sorry, but i just had to show off my custom DC window, too.

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