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hey there readers. it’s a beautiful saturday so let’s get these links done so we can eat em!

ooh, beforehand I have a request. a challenege even.

on monday, july 25th, david letterman (CBS) is having the all american rejects play on his show. i don’t have cable, or TiVO, or any way of capturing it. This makes me sad. So! If one of you guys can manage to get the show digitally, cut out the entire clip of their performance, and send it to me, then you’ll get hooked up with a hackaday prize pack. courtesy of out of my wallet too mind you.

I <3 you for it. Plus, try getting the show off your Tivo, and onto your computer. That’d be pretty cool wouldn’t it? Yeaaah. Just keep that in mind. You could win some prizes! In fact, it’s 2:30pm almost. Let me go  check my mail. Any envelopes that come today will get stickers!

Power hand washing! Nice idea! [trevor]
Floppy DIY motor. Amazing. I can’t believe it was done. [pat]
Build a cheapy CNC machine for doing projects with. [modul8]
A pretty awesome algorithm used for converting your phone number into words! [imanuel]
mobilize your WRT54g. drive that sucka. [yasha]
what hackaday looked like in the 1980s. we were stylin’. [zelot]

i saw the island last night. it was a great movie despite that the trailer makes it look horrible. go check it out. it’s like brave new world and THX 1138 combined sorta. also up, was the v for vendetta trailer…looks amazing. check it out right now.

2 more links.
#1. for a price, you can hang onto that WD-40 straw.
#2. even better phishing schemes are out now. watchout.

30 thoughts on “Hackaday Links

  1. hey Vince, what happens if more than one person sends you a copy of it? Will the “prize” be on a first person to send it in sort of thing? or do you think anyone that gives it a valiant effort will get something?

  2. hey vince i really want to get those hackaday goodies! but if every1 else is doing it then whos going to get it? how about i send u the captured video on vcd too? or something like that… me need hackaday stuff! hackaday good for me!

  3. That WiFi RC car is crazy, hardware hacks are always cool, I want to see it being controlled by a PSP then I’ll be happy.

    WD-40 straw? I don’t know about the US but here in the UK the lids have a groove in them so you can clip the straw onto it. I suppose someone out there will buy it.

  4. Vince, my button came out of my envelope in the mail, so tuff shit for me, but, Would you want med to send you a DVD or something with the show on it. That prize pack would be cool.

  5. Yeah right, pull the video off of a tivo? It can be done but who’s going to bother when mythtv is more than happy to give up the goods.

    I have a feeling wrt54g’s are going to be used in all kinds of crazy shit now. At $50 they’re a lot cheaper than homebrewing lots of wireless stuff.

  6. @ meltz, former #14

    A phishing scam is when the attacker poses as a legitamate site and attempts to convince the victim to give up personal information.

    Several common methods include
    1) URL Spoofing Vulnrabilities
    2) XSS Exploits
    3) Domain names with similar names to the real one

    Err, since you don’t know what a Phishing scam, I’ll take the liberty of explaining what a XSS exploit is. You know that a lot of websites now a days are dynamically generated from mulitple sources. They name include time, a database, and most likely user input (such as clicking a button or filling out a form).

    A XSS exploit occurs when the dynamic webpage does not sufficently sanitise the input data. Thus, the attacker may choose to input data that will directly influence the output malicously.

    For instance, suppose there is a guest book on a website that also has a username/password system. Suppose that the guestbook makes the false assumption that submited entires are always safe. Then the attacker may submit an entry containing HTML (and probably some fun DHTML sutff) that will cause the resulting page to display a say… the login page but submits the information to the attackers site instead. For instance, if people can put any HTML they want in posts in forums, what is to prevent them from replying to a popular topic with the lastest IE exploit code that installs a trojan? That’s why forums have things like bbcode.

    An XSS exploit is very dangerous since the page obviously appears to come from the real site.

  7. Although others have also offered, it’d be no problem at all for me to do the video for you… could even stream it live for you if you wanted.
    I wactually have the comcast dvr (with firewire) which with some drivers lets you capture video with VLC. It’s pretty cool actually. Just tell me if you want it streamed or as a file.

  8. hey its me again… maybe the best and fastest solution for capturing the AAR on the Letterman show is if you had your own capture card… i guess i can buy u 1… i can find some good deals on those so yea… i really want that prize pack… later

  9. vince could you use orb to log on and watch it? if so then you can access my account and watch it live. or if you’d like i can tape it on orb and have it avalible when ever. just e-mail me

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