hackaday monday sipping

monday sipping

So what’s up amigos? It’s a new week, and a big one. We leave for Defcon thursday so expect a slew of posts this week. Like


  1. Bird603568 says:

    they should have used the “rm -f” it works really well. Also should have used slackware it doesnt have dependencies.

  2. anthony says:

    looks like the iMac link is a little off
    Here it is:


  3. sleepy says:

    hacked super mario brothers, big deal, you can do that with a game genie code

  4. nitroburn says:

    The employees site that was blocked on telus deserved it and should have seen it coming. They were inciting hate so screw them. Posting the names of the scabs, i could deal with, but actually posting photos and personal info on them.. thats too much.

    Telus sucks either way anyways.

  5. hackerjoe says:

    i want a fireglove!

  6. elvio says:

    though i certainly don’t think that censorship of this kind is good business practice, so long as it doesn’t violate the ISP’s contract, how are their rights being infringed? i don’t like what, but the post was telus is choosing to do, but the post was melodramatic.

  7. Jason says:

    Two Points on the Telus Comments.

    1. Non US entities are not bound by the US’s Bill Of rights. I don’t know what is covered by Canadian law.

    2. Non Govermental Entities even in the US are not bound by it either, unless they break other laws to accomplish it. i.e. Physical harm, Slander.

    IMHO US Bill of rights was only put in place to to govern the kinds of rights the goverment gives you, not what rights everyone else in the world gives you, look to China for that!!

  8. Neil says:

    so…..what’s the point in the hacked mario game?

  9. spaz says:

    How about a fireglove Howto?

  10. spaceout says:

    i have had my bondi imac running that fast for over a year now

  11. hugh janis says:

    I guess my roof is illegal:


  12. Here’s what Dave said about his glove “Hey hey, Built a fireglove-ish thing from a couple of feet of tubing, some hose clamps, a propane brazing setup, and a nice heavy duty welding gauntlet. Useful for lighting pipes, cigarettes, and marshmallows. Link is to a flicker set including a picture I took of the glove for a Toothpaste for dinner contest. Very much enjoy the site, -Dave”

  13. hugh janis says:

    I have to sit and ponder the ramifications:

  14. Eleongonzaels says:

    I’m not sure if you saw the $50 dollar ibook sale that will be going on in Richmond, Va in a few weeks. TUAW is covering it… and i am going to make the trip up.

  15. Jon Moore says:

    People are still buggin about iTunes remotes?? Just get a bluetooth enabled phone and get sallingclicker.

    Nothing smoother.

  16. judd says:

    Well, after reading the Engadget link about cantennas (where the word ‘illegal’ is in quotes) it basically boils down to a misinformed cop that doesnt know what hes talking about. Cantennas cant possibly be illegal, then you would have to outlaw all uni-directional antennas…read the discussion at engadget if you want the specific FCC law.

  17. Metalman says:

    Ya that telus cyber war crap is so retarded i live in edmonton and they are taking things too far. Ok fine they are 1626 days or whatnot without a contract is bullshit but dun take other ppl down for working when u wanna walk around off work…like damn…..

    Cantennas Haha nice name and i like ur roof lol

  18. sleighboy says:

    When I was amount 8 years old, there was a super mario bros. game in a small grocery store in a tiny little town (Vader, Washington). It was a normal arcade machine, but it was apparently hacked, it had a mario-like person on a skateboard and he went through the levels as normal. From my recollection, everything else was normal, except this altered mario. I have never heard of anyone reporting this before, anybody here ever hear of such a thing? The store burned down a few years later, so i’m sure the hacked SMB went up in flames.

  19. ryan says:

    As a state gets corrupt, its laws multiply; the most corrupt states have the most numerous laws. – Tacitus, Annales 3:27

    we got sick of the british control because of the numerous laws and taxes. we had a revolution. my governments doing the same thing right now, one day they’ll go too far and we get a brand new government, which we’ll have to overthrow in another 200 years. and so on and so forth.

    the only true way to live forever as a government is to protect the people but still allow freedom. you have two options, either use the police agencies to stop the criminals (which is so hard!) or have the police just cruise the neighborhoods arresting people with antennas on their roofs

  20. sfcg says:

    In regards to the Wi-Fi Cantennas, If you read the forum, finally someone actually gets ahold of the cop, and he says he was miquoted. He says he said “A device such as this is illegal for someone to posess if they have been convicted of hacking”. The journalist then mangled the quote to say, “Posession of such a device is illegal”. Read the rest of the comments. It was just bad joutrnalism. You cannot make antennas illegal, unless you violate FCC regulations.

  21. Dan Brinks says:

    If you want to contact Lt. Bob Lozito and ask him how and why they are illegal, his email address appears to be rlozito@sacsheriff.com
    (taken from http://ojjdp.ncjrs.org/about/icac.html)

  22. Wifiguy says:

    cantennas are only illegal if they go over the dm limit.
    this has inspired me to build huge one.
    but where the hell would i get the can…
    a 50 gallon drum, no bigger.

    skrew it on second thought my cantenna is already illegal(with the 2w amp on it anyway).

    but still i think im going to build on out of a 50 gallon drum just for the hell of it.

  23. carpespasm says:

    about the cencorship by the canadian telco, it’s utter shit that they’re doing that. i hope they lose their damn common carrier licence or at least catch so much hell for it it’s not funny. this kind of thing is what the internet was made to fight against, and anyone that would sensor content (with the exception of a parent or school over minors) is an ass that’s trying one way or another to hinder free speach.

    in my mind it doesn’t matter what the site has on it. if they don’t approve, blocking the content to their customers (some of the most effected people in this standoff) is about the most underhanded and shitty thing they could do.

    screw anyone that wants to censor the internet. this kind of thing really gets me.

  24. Bird603568 says:

    firtst of all a 55 gallon drum won’t work. and second of all it can still be leagal with a 2 watt amp. off my wrt54g + 18db cantenna i can drop an easy 4 watts and if i crank it up to 251mw i can push almost 16 watts with no amp. the just under 4 watts is perfectly legal on a point-multipoint link for the pre-antenna signal strength. for point-point the limit for a 18db antenna is 1000watts and thats not a typo

  25. windwaker says:

    hey man, that hacked rom isn’t really that special. i can do stuff way better, and there are hundreds out there.

  26. phizm says:

    anyone have any good links to wi-fi

  27. barbobot says:

    they sell cantennas at crapusa(compusa) now, how lame

  28. noouch says:

    oh, cantennas are becoming popular. better switch to cardboard and tinfoil parabolic wlan antennas to stay… uh… different.

  29. Mike Matthews says:

    the thing about teleus is that, by censoring this one thing, they remove the “common carrier” status that protects them from lawsuits by the riaa/mpaa. they have proven that they can selectively filter content, and may now be required to do so for copywrited material. heh, this move could end up costing them a hell of alot more than they planned for.

  30. carpespasm says:

    meh, i think that the pringles can is overrated, try making a directional antenna from a peice of dollar store cookware, one of those fry scoops.


  31. Bird603568 says:

    if you want directional antennas get a cookie can waveguid. mines 18db and you can hide it in a mcdonalds bag on your dash

  32. rhys says:

    rediculous? ridiculous, surely?

  33. steve says:

    to be honest everyone, cantennas just aint worth it. you know all of those hundreds of trashed dish network et al. dishes you see lying on the side of the road? find two, stick the waveguide of your choice at its focal point, and you have yourself a beautiful 25-30db+ directional antenna that can go miles.

    check my website (at http://www.fugitivethought.com/projects ) sometime in the next week for an exceptionally detailed tutorial on how to build your dish for peanuts. for those that care, the microwave theory and hard math will be there too.


  34. mikey franknstein says:

    that pig is dumb… it’s illegal for a cantenna to be illegal. what a moron.

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