Hack-A-Day goes independent


Credit goes to Josh Smith for noticing that something fishy was going on. It’s true. We were not part of the AOL purchase deal of Weblogs, Inc. If you look around, you’ll see that the Weblogs, Inc. directory listings have been removed from the site. Hack-A-Day will continue as an independent entity


  1. Matt says:

    Kick Ass

  2. madd_matt says:

    So what does this mean for things like hosting and financial support? I think this si a good thing, but will hackaday suffer problems without weblogsinc?

  3. Rob says:

    fight the power!

  4. WILLIAM says:

    Does this mean that the site will no longer be in “Beta”?

  5. Orwell84 says:

    w00t for indie things! Movies, Music, and now hackaday!

  6. lolersticks says:

    Nice. I don’t know how you guys’ll pay for it, but it all works out in the end. Your readers back you %95!

  7. mrdelayer says:

    rock on! fight the man.

  8. Matthew says:

    They’re using hacks!!!!1111!!1`~!!!11

    just kidding…

  9. tristan says:

    this is great! good job, guys!

  10. Bucky says:

    Rock on! It still says “

  11. CYRIX says:

    just liked to say congrats, been a long time reader.

  12. Jason says:

    Brian, Peter (from Engadget), and I are taking care of the cost of HAD (it ain’t much).

    So, nothing to worry about… HAD ain’t going no where!

    In fact, HAD is almost self-sustaining at this point… what with all the ugly ads and groovy Google Adsense.

  13. furtim says:

    What is there to say aside from “aol r teh sux0rz lol”?

    Much luck, guys! I especially like the bit about turning HaD not-for-profit and donating proceeds to the EFF. Go for it! I think it’s a fantastic idea!

  14. John says:

    Wootage. Glad to hear it.

  15. Alkzy says:


  16. n3ldan says:

    thank fucking god

    you wouldnt have lasted with those aol clowns.

    no more ‘best of shitty blogs we dont care about’ posts!

    how about removing that annoying email verification on the comments?

  17. gouki says:

    Speaking of Ads … How about removing all the ads going around in here. the site loses his coolness with them! :)

  18. removing the email verification would be nice. At the very least, make a link on the “it’s not up yet, go check your email” page. for instance, if my email address ends in (at)gmail.com automagically create a link to http;//gmail.com. Seems easy to do and would be handy, especially if posting from a public terminal where your bookmarked links are not handy.

  19. AWESOME. Great to hear. Donate button ahoy, then?

  20. n3ldan says:

    Oh and by the way, apparently google believes this to relate to 100 year old bricks


  21. newtechinc says:

    is that a picture of eliot>???

  22. Kellen says:

    haha #4 beat me to it, but you guys ought to bring this site out of “beta”.

  23. alex says:

    i’ve been wondering about those bricks.

  24. weirdguy0101 says:

    yes out of beta- into alpha!

  25. Mooga says:

    … yet hackaday is _still_ in beta?

  26. strider_mt2k says:

    viva la hackaday!

  27. tiuk says:

    Good to see, the whole AOL deal had me worried. Congrats guys.

  28. Urza9814 says:

    [script kiddie]
    A0Hell d035n’7 pwn j00
    [/script kiddie]

  29. windwaker says:

    Uh… It seemed like you didn’t care back when you thought you were owned by AOL.


  30. austin says:

    congratulations hack-a-day, i applaud you. Keep up the good work.

  31. t3d says:

    shweet hackaday indie has a nicer ring to it than beta

  32. Wesley says:

    Thank god, The last thing I wanted was to like something that was associated with AOL.

  33. ez says:

    Hell yes, the freaking bulk is gone, the crappy Best of weblogs and so on.
    Now I hope that engadget leaves also.

  34. mewse says:


  35. CaptSnuffy says:

    i wuv you guys

  36. Captsnuffy says:

    wait… why does it still say “weblogs inc customer support” when i make comments? Oh and since we’ve eliminated the whole web logs inc affiliation, can we make permanent user accounts so we dont have to verify comments via email?

    And just to be clear, im not bashing weblogs inc at all, they provide THE best blogs on the web.

  37. phatkiller says:

    i never post comments or anything but i support you guys 100% ya made hackaday what it is. if you setup a donation link for server fees or any other stuff i’ll be the first in line to drop some $$$.

  38. CDE says:

    No AOL Ownage? W00T!

    Now, since HAD is nowlonger apart of WEBBlogs Inc, does this mean WE CAN FINALLY HAVE A FORUM?!?! (ME realizes that we should also turn off the instant all caps. Make it Word case caps, or sentence caps at the very least)

  39. charles g says:

    That is a relief…I was beginning to wonder where else I was going to get such independent information…I took it as a sign of the times! Yet another example of corporate America thwarting free speech with money. And now here you are…suprising me. I should take yous to dinner. Cheers fellas.

  40. Archangel says:

    Kick Ass!!!!!!!
    I love HAD and so glad that it did’nt become part of AOL

  41. Ed Tapanes says:

    H.A.D. RULEZ!! F**K Weblogs. They suck, those frickin’ sell out punks.

  42. B11 says:


    I’m glad HAD isn’t being folded into the retardedness that is aol.

  43. SpartanIV says:

    great to hear!

  44. IMWeasel says:

    How about letting us use capital letters?

  45. wetsmellydog says:

    I am not sure how many of you read other blogs but the email verification keeps the advertising bots at bay. Nothing worse than 100 pages of get rich quick or big penis ads!

  46. AtomicFire says:


  47. Nik says:


  48. The JimP says:

    Excellent news guys! I always wondered why A-ho-hell would go about buying up an industry that was not intended to make a huge profit anyway, but I guess we can all chalk it up to megalomania. Everything’s quoole now, though. And by the way, keep HAD in beta. Hacks never come out of beta unless some corp. buys it up and wants to make money off it. The only people who should make money off HAD is HAD!

  49. markie says:

    Wow! great great great

    keep up the good work!


  50. John Bokma says:


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