71 thoughts on “Hack-A-Day Goes Independent

  1. hackaday Central PA meet will be thursday october 13. it will be at penn states hub on the second floor above the sushi place by the windows facing the field.
    we will show up around 8:00. bring your laptops, toys, gizmos whatever

  2. since the overall layout of the site hasn’t changed, I gather that part of the spin-off agreement included some of weblogs inc’s code base. Is it going to stay this way? If necessary, the site could switch over to the free/open-source slashcode base. It could be very interestng what might happen in the next few weeks and months.

  3. Jason Calacanis, the boss of Weblogs Inc posted about the H-a-d spinoff. you might find it interesting to read what the big man had to say about the deal. it seems that they were worried that someday h-a-d might post something relating to hacking aol or an aol service so they decided to nip that problem in the bud.

    quote: “We told AOL it wasn

  4. No, what the boss says is pretty much the whole deal. See the copyright notice at the bottom of the page has changed to Hackaday,LLC. This site and the actual Blogsmith software weren’t sold to AOL. The site will continue to operate in at least a one Hack-A-Day capacity, but it sounds like I’ll be doing more work for Engadget. Fbz and I will be doing How-tos for them. I’m glad to have you folks on board no matter what happens.

  5. Open source software…independent blogs…intellectual pursuits can’t be stopped if enough people care more about finding new and better way to do things than how to make money. Kudos, hackaday. Damn…i think i feel a tear…

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