Luxeon LED bike headlight

luxeon headlight

[Ian] built this headlight for his commuter bike. It is based around the Luxeon Star LED which is supposed to be equivalent to a 5W halogen. He mounted it to an aluminum frame and used a Fraen narrow lens. It’s powered by a pack of 4 rechargeable AA batteries. He’s got a list of improvements he would make. The first one is a better casing since his looks terrible compared to Suzy Jackson’s sexy light.


  1. AllenKll says:

    Suzy Jackson’s light is much sexier.
    Suzy Jackson probably is too…

  2. timmeh says:

    Second that (I hope at least)

  3. sparky says:

    It would last a lot longer and be much more practical if they would have made a DC/DC converter for it.

  4. dontcallmeroy says:

    sorry, but ive gotta say, this isnt that impressive. I made a bikelight with a prolight LED, the difference is that mine was rgb and had a microcontroller.

  5. Stephen says:

    why don’t you do your own writeup so we can all be impressed

  6. dontcallmeroy says:

    no digicam. sorry, readin my post it sounds a bit cocky. the guys got some good stuff on that site, i think the sumo bot things more interesting.

  7. idleprocess says:

    Nominal 4.8V feeding a ~3.6Vf LED for this sort of application is a good candidate for using a cheap resistor. Using the 2400mAH cells, runtime will be close to 180 minutes with a ~800mA drive current. A good DC/DC converter is about 90% efficient vs this setup’s ~75% efficiency … and would cost about as much as all the other components combined for another 36 minutes of runtime (20% improvement).

  8. idleprocess says:

    A nominal 4.8V driving a LED with a Vf of ~3.6 through a resistor isn’t all that inefficient – ~75%. His setup should be driving the LED at about 800mA for around 180 minutes. A good DC/DC converter is about 90% efficient … and cost about as much as the rest of the components combined for an additional ~36 minutes (20%) runtime. Simple, cheap, efficient – choose two.

  9. Vrogy says:

    meh. Her craftspersonship is pretty good, though. Hu-ah for quality!

  10. rbrooks says:

    Seeing the demand for these, isn’t there some sort of commercial equivalent?

  11. turpie says:

    These might be OK for road riding, but a 5W halogen is almost useless for mountain biking. Last year I replaced my homemade 20W Halogen (which was pretty good) with a Niterider HID light, and couldn’t imagine riding with anything as weak as a 5W light.

  12. Dax says:

    #9 Yes there are many commercial equivalents but they can cost anywhere from $200 to $400 for a realy good halogen setup. Hence why DIY is quite practical for this application.

  13. tony rancid says:

    quite a few people do use similar for mountain biking. standard diy model is 3x3W luxeon, its brighter than 20W halogen, about as bright as a new hid, less than half the price of a hid and have a longer life expectancy than a hid, you choose.

  14. The 5 watt Luxeon isn’t equivalent to a 5 watt halogen, it’s a 5 watt LED and probably nearly as bright as an HID.

    my bike headlight ( isn’t an LED but the 50 watt high beam rocks for fast downhills.


  15. ted says:

    Measuring light output in watts just doesn’t make sense anymore.

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