Canon fd to eos inifinity focus

fd adapter-2

Adapters to mount older fd mount canon lenses onto the newer eos cameras have been around for a while. There are some problems to solve. Because of the focal length, the fd lens could no longer focus to inifity and lose brightness(an f-stop). Rodolfo Novak modded his canon 55mm f1.2 fd lens for the eos mount by removing some vital parts(the attachment ring and the aperture ring). ?Now that the lens was closer, both infinite focus and the f-stop are back.  He’s a bit short on the details, but it becomes clear if you look at an unmodified lens. Of course, to get the focus indicator working on a digital eos like my 350d, you need to add an af lens emulator circuit. If you don’t care about infinite focus, you could go a less invasive adapter.

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Hot air desoldering

hot air desoldering

Project parts aren’t cheap. Scrounging them from old hardware presents some challenges. Derek Anderson pointed us to this short but sweet how-to on hot-air desoldering using a heat gun from Home Depot. Looks like a great way to fill your parts bins.

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SMS Remote Control

sms remote

The Ericsson T10s outputs sms messages through its on-boared data connector when they are recieved. Serasidis Vasilis exploited this feature to build his own SMS remote control. His example provides on/off control of four devices. The hardest part was programming the Atmel to turn the 7 bit output from the phone into the 8 bits the Atmel expects.

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steerable cantenna

cantenna scanner

I almost passed over this one, since it’s another cantenna. With the software the Adrian wrote, it’s a fully functional directional wifi scanner. The system can pan and scan a region and visualize the results. Scan resolution can be varied, similar to a regular image scanner. It’s built from a pair of stepper motors ,a PIC on a SIMM stick with a serial interface.

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The biggest hacker news of the weekend has to be Chumby being revealed. We heard whisperings of this at Defcon, but the device has finally been seen in the flesh at Foo Camp. Chumby is an open hardware flash player. That’s just a starting point though. Chumby is designed to be hacked. Even though they aren’t selling hardware yet, they’ve already posted full schematics and software notes (create an account to view). The device comes with a dongle for further expansion., Dyl World, and ScottJanousek all have posts covering the device. Friend of Hack-A-Day, bunnie did the hardware design and posted shots of the board on his blog. We’re planning on getting a good look at the device when Fabienne, Will, and I are at Toorcon in San Diego next month.

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portable XBox

portable xbox
This one’s late thanks to my cable modem. I don’t know how I feel about the color, but Dave built a nice portable XBox. He crammed the system along with (what looks like) a PSone screen and couple stacks of batteries inside the thing. He vacuum formed the case out of plastic over a plaster mold.

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Bent NES visualizer

bent nes

Circuit bending is becoming a regular around here. [emdy] sent in Phillip Stearns bent NES project. It’s modified to produce visual output based on sound input. I think that the bent Texas Instruments T199 is even more worthy. Nice.

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