Post-thx giving extra

I’m hanging out with relatives, enjoying the holiday, but I can’t forget you guys. I’ve finally got a chance to announce some more prizes for the Design Challenge.

In addition to fbz’s hackaday ipod nano, MAKE put up one of their MAKE controllers and one of their Daisy MP3 player kits. The controller looks pretty sweet, servo interfaces, USB, etc, good stuff. I’ve got one of the daisy’s to play with, so I’ll be putting up more on that later. They also put together a nice open source gift guide. Plenty of it is from make, but there are a few good things on the list.

[John] sent in his Atari lynx C64 dtv mod. No details, but it looks like a decent portable mod.

[kedge] notes that the Wii apparently has opera pre-installed.

[Adam] pointed at that someone already has XP running on a friggin PS3. [via emulation under linux] I had issues reviewing the video, but it may have been my machine.

I’m going back to my poker game. Enjoy the holidays!


  1. ... says:

    For the ps3 windows…

    Vivia la Fedora!

    Although I am worried about the speed that it loaded at, even fedora was unbelievably slow (considering the amount of processsing power available…) I do not think that I have seen a slower winxp loading prompt in my entire life… At least it is a start!

  2. murrow says:

    the opera browser on the wii was found out by none other than our own roto from #hackaday on efnet.

    the page was ment for the guys in #wiidev, but it ended up getting slashdotted/dugg/etc.

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    Please do share your daisy experiences!

    Also the board dimensions, as I’m having trouble finding them, if you could.
    (I’m having trouble envisioning an enclosure for it.)

    I wonder if there will be any way to add SDHC capability as well? Big cards are a-coming…

  4. lt.milo says:

    Oh wow I really want to hear about the daisy. please post soon!

  5. Those are some nice prizes. It’s too bad the only one worth submitting probably has too many surface mount components, not to mention I didn’t even finish it yet.

  6. tim says:

    seeing the daisy makes me wish there are more hacks done on the Juicebox…

  7. pt says:

    strider_mt2k – it’s 3 inches x 3 inches —– 7.5cm x 7.5cm

    i will likely make some clear laser cut cases or something for mine.

  8. TJ says:

    Is Opera on the Wii really a discovery? I mean, it has the Opera logo right on the box…

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