Make a small coilgun (aka coilosapien update)

Remember the coilosapien? I hopped over and found that [marcus] wrote a tutorial on his mini coil gun. He beefed up a disposable camera charging circuit with some extra capacitors to drive the coil, and used a small servo for his automatic reload mechanism. Everything you need to arm your robots.


  1. Mr Jones says:

    yay im #1!!

    cool hack—-robots and shooting things are always welcomed additions! thanx HAD

  2. jclangs says:

    I like neat toys like this I am going to play with
    this to drive stray dogs out of the yard.

  3. PKM says:

    i was waiting for this :)

    the instructions seem to be pretty clear- i missed the circuit diagram the first time round, but it’s clearly there and seems to make sense. I wonder how much power the reload relay draws though, and whether a slightly more complex solution would pay off by increasing the battery life. i’m deeply tempted to build one just as an electronically controllable coil gun.

  4. Dax says:


    I think a solenoid would be a much simpler reloading mechanism.

    I have a few camera flash circuits at home I think I will try to hack something up tonight.

  5. Vennessa says:

    You are pointing out the same thigs here.

  6. James says:

    Well thank goodness that Vennessa is here to helpfully point that everyone here so far appreciates this hack. And thank goodness that she she herself isn’t wasting space with her post. I’d hate to think what we’d do without it.

    Will, nice job! I’m gonna have to try this one!

  7. Lorie says:

    I cant able to open the given link, can you please help?

  8. patto says:

    freakin awesome!

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