Nokia LCD In A Laptop

I was poking around and ran across this interesting mod in progress. It’s mostly a study in customizing an old laptop, but embedding a Nokia LCD in the palm rest is an interesting little hack. The LCD was taken from a Nokia 3310 and modded to connect to the parallel port. (Probably with a circuit like this one)

6 thoughts on “Nokia LCD In A Laptop

  1. this thing reads more like a “painting hack” than anything else……but i guess we cannot expect “Mary Masterson” quality hacks at every turn. at least this guy used a spray can as opposed to a brush….but still, an unfinished hack is just a pipe dream until its completed anyway. on a scale of 1-10 (10 being “Mary quality”) i give this hack a 4….could possibly be a 8 or 9 if it were finished….but lets face it–there are going to be “slow hack days” in the future too… having this thing on the back burner (surely it will get finished some day and written up properly)has to be comforting to HAD. Not that i enjoy it a great deal when HAD repeats itself (i know how to search the HAD website for old hacks past); still i guess its the nature of the beast when attempting to find quality hacks in a world full of lameness. Good work to the dude responsible for the hack—-but one could expect a little more from the writeup. The lesson to be learned from this hack—It makes no difference how complete it is; or how well its written up; just get your trusty spray paint out and put a HAD logo on the top and its a shoe-in.


  2. Yeah, reading this I got the impression that this is mainly just about painting the thing and getting it shiny. He doesn’t even say what he is going to do with the LCD or how he put the controller board together.

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