Wireless guitar hero controller

[John] sent in his PS3 wireless guitar hero project. The concept seems popular today. Hopefully he’ll write up some instructions – but it looks pretty straight forward – he embedded a normal PS3 controller inside the body of the guitar hero controller. For now you can gaze upon the high res version. Update: He passed along a couple more shots of the project. Update2: Here’s the instructables on building your own.

14 thoughts on “Wireless guitar hero controller

  1. So you want me to buy a 60 dollar guitar, AND a 50 dollar controller, to make a franken-guitar for 360?

    PS2 please!

  2. @ jamie: i don’t think that’s a 360 controller. it looks more like the sg type, which isn’t (to my knowledge) available to use with the 360.

  3. i don’t think i much see the point of this today. they sell wireless guitars that, well… work. i had converted one of my guitars to wireless and it worked ok, but when the official wireless ones came out, my hack-job went into the trash.

  4. I was wondering when someone was going to make this after that comic came out. I don’t really see the point in it because the wire never gets in my way when I’m playing.

  5. Sorry for the lack of info. This mod is for the PS3! It has the PS3 controller inside the sg body and is completly wireless.

    First mod on hack a day.

  6. Now, a better hack would be to rig a connector jack so you can plug in a big-ole heavy guage 1/4″ instrument cable to drag around your living room like a real rock star. Only sissies use wireless guitars. :-P


  7. The mod looks cool, but it it would be a lot more interesting if there were instructions. The post says, “It looks straight forward…” Unfortunately, the picture isn’t high enough resolution to really see the solder points. John, you’ve got a really cool concept, and it looks like you spent a long time making it, let us know _how_ you did it. Maybe make an Instructable.com guide, that would be rocken-like-docken!

  8. I have a question – can you play guitar hero 2 for ps2 on a regular controller? IE, can I hack out a GH2 controller from a cheap ps2 controller and a toy guitar?


  9. Yay!

    I won’t have to buy 2 new Guitar Hero controllers when Rock Band comes out!

    Thank you, this is very useful, and will give me something to do over the weekend.

  10. to #10 Yes you can use a ps2 controller for GH2! I am using one right now cuz I’m to cheap to buy an official guitar right now. The shoulder buttons and x do most of the work. L2=Green L1=Red R1=Yellow R2=Blue X=Orange Left analog stick up=whammie bar select=star power triangle=cancel

    hope that helps you out.

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