Adding USB to a cheap linux router

[sprite_tm] usually sends this stuff in, but I discovered that he took some time to hack on a Sweex router. The CPU happens to have an on-board usb host controller, so he added a few components. Now the router can support memory sticks, or possibly become a USB print server. (I can’t say for sure since I haven’t checked out the software myself)
Update: the project was linked in a comment a while back, but we never gave it the attention it deserved. Enjoy.


  1. conor says:

    Is it just me, or was the original name of this post something to do with pcie x16? Anyway, seems like a cool hack with plenty of potential.

  2. Terry says:

    Pretty cool. I’d really like to see a USB or SDIO port added to the La Fonera router. Those things are really cheap.

  3. mrngm says:

    he built this like ages ago. i thought this was on h.a.d. a few centuries ago

  4. Sprite_tm says:

    It’s kinda old indeed. I haven’t quite kept up with the Sweex hacking scene, so I’m afraid all the material on the site is as-is, and I can’t answer too many questions on it anymore. Last time I checked, the Sweex still had a vivid hacking scene, though, so you should be able to dig up more info with a coupla Google queries.

  5. Rob Ristroph says:

    Does anyone know if these routers are available in the United States, and how much they cost ? Perhaps they are sold here under a different brand name.

  6. FrameShift says:

    yeah, looks kinda old but adds a lot of potential. Conor was correct in that the original title had something to do with pcie x16.

  7. amd says:

    what a mess! Why would you fly the oscillator in the air when there are holes there for it already? I can understand the 7805 since it would be a PITA to figure out what switcher they used, but the rest is ugly.

  8. onlysix says:

    The oscillator had to float; the locations he solders it at are not routed on the board the same way. I agree that it could be cleaner. A daughter board would be nice looking, but great job all the same.

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