ToorCon 8 videos

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for our favorite hacker con, ToorCon, to post this year’s site. In the mean time, they’ve posted all of last years videos to Google Video. We had published a few of our own, but now you get to see the whole conference. After the break I’ve embedded one of my favorite talks from last year: Matt Fisher’s Everything About SQL Injection. It covers everything from the basics to some very clever attacks.

6 thoughts on “ToorCon 8 videos

  1. You evil bastards! Luring me into downloading almost every video off google! 6.5GB and counting :(

    Thanks a bunch for the tip ^^

  2. Woohoo, conference media! I love this stuff. Putting it together is a lot of work, so a big thanks goes out to everyone involved in recording, editing, cataloging, and hosting it.

    It’s easy to forget about it too! In the aftermath of a successful event, it’s tempting to wind down and relax. That happened with Notacon 3’s recordings, which didn’t hit the net until a month before Notacon 4. That was a mistake not made twice, though, and Notacon 4’s media was up just a few weeks after the event itself. And it’s all wrapped up in a torrent, for fire-and-forget downloading ease.

    There’s also a bunch of stuff up at for your listening pleasure. Just be gentle with the wget rape unless you have permission from Jason. ;)

    Link thread! Post your favorite [repositories of] conference recordings!

  3. Watch Toor2111 – Andrew Wbeelso – Mischa Spiegelmock – Lovin The LOLs, its pretty good.

    Looking forward to stuff like this at defcon15 :)

  4. The old school hacking video was disgusting. No one should interupt captain crunch. He was to only old school hacker on the pannel. Someone should of told that fat fuk to shut the fuc up.

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