Tiny Oscilloscope

This little o-scope is built entirely using valves (tubes), built by [Ian Wilson] and [Hans Summers]. [Hans]‘ site covers everything from monitor gutting to a Z80 viscometer, it’s worth taking some time to poke around. Thanks to [Elliot] for sending in this one on the tips line.


  1. alex mccown says:

    ive got an parallax oscope hooked up to a pda (dell axim x5 with fedore 6 ppc)and an attiny to convert the usb back to serial and in a lil box thats smaller than this

  2. Lupin says:

    I guess the aim of this project wasn’t to create the smallest oscilloscope… but rather to create one of the coolest/best looking ones :)

    An FPGA combined with an ADC, hooked up to an PC/display device would probably be the smalles oscilloscope

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    My brother had a very tiny field scope for years, but this one has a bit more style if you ask me.

  4. Elliott says:

    hey cool, you got my submission. but if you don’t mind, my name has 2 “t”s in it.

  5. 100% bitchin’

  6. The point isn’t just its size. If I understand this correctly by using tubes he’s made a very small TOTALLY ANALOG o-scope. If what you’re looking at is analog in origin, this can give you a ‘better’ result.

  7. agent420 says:

    Nice Job!!!

    Next stop, diy crt scope clock!

  8. overcaffein8d says:

    series of tubes

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