DIY Frequency Meter

[Wolf] sent in this site a while back, and I thought that this frequency meter how-to looked pretty useful. It’s based on an Atmel AT89C52 and a gutted multi-meter. The circuit isn’t too bad. (The worst of it has to be all the display lines.) The Atmel grabs the signal to be measured and drives the display, so the parts count is pretty low.

9 thoughts on “DIY Frequency Meter

  1. It is pretty ugly. And the range is strange: who needs a 500 kHz Frequency Counter? All the commercial ones reach the Gigahertz range. Which sources was this designed for? 33 khz clock crystals? Everything else than a simple waveform requires another solution anyway…

  2. I don’t like to dump on anyone’s personal projects. IMO these are the kinds of projects that you learn from. However, I’d recommend that anyone who would consider building one to act as a lab counter might be better off visiting a swap meet or a tech company garage sale. Besides, a cheap used analog O-scope is pretty handy for checking frequency.

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