Friday night double cap extra

[scott] sent along his lego ipod dock.

The letter [M] brings us the oscilloscope terminal (AVR based text displayed via oscope).

[Max] sent in his funky alarm clock mod.

[Chad] sent in a question, but I dig his custom camera housings.

[sprite_tm] sent in his new use for a cheap photo display.

UPDATE: Torrents for all the talks at the Chaos Communication Congress have been posted.


  1. Tony says:

    Will have to try the lego base on my new ipod i got for christmas, also is that a sticker on your laptop or a screen printed type image ?

  2. Chupa says:

    that oscope terminal thing is neat. i wish it were for a PIC though :-/

  3. Alexander says:

    hold on?
    is that really a picture you took? of your laptop?
    dude, is that dell inspiron…how could you Will?
    Anything but a dell!!!

  4. Frogz says:

    dude….a dell?!
    thats like serious uncool
    even my hp is sub standard imo!!
    now… somone needs to hack 1 of these little monitors into a luxeon led based projector to get a 15 inch screen out of a little pocket sized device, the ultimate pocket projector

  5. Don’t let em get to you Will. I run a dell insp 8000, circa 2001.

    Thanks for posting the alarm clock mod. I really would like to try something like that while I have some free time.

  6. Skyler Orlando says:

    I’ve never had any problems with my dell.

    The fact that the use them on Atlantis has to speak for something.

  7. christooss says:

    Sorry to bother but where can I get that Hack a Day sticker :)

    Btw which laptop should he use? :)

  8. localroger says:

    That sprite photo display hack is seriously cool. Too bad the UART probably isn’t accessible or it could be an ultra cool USB/serial logging device. Also, I just ordered a Dell. Easiest way to get a XP laptop while I still can, and yes, I’m tied to Windows by work.

  9. DioXide says:

    Me also wants hack-a-day sticker (or whatever it is :-P )

    BTW, I love the idea of using the oscope as terminal.. it’s a plain clever idea

    And what’s wrong with having a Hell laptop? I have a Gateway (soon-to-be Acer) because it was the one packing the most bang for the buck… but if dell had offered me a better laptop for same price, I don’t see a reason to not take it

  10. Frogz says:
  11. strider_mt2k says:

    Jebus I made a Lego dock for my Sony Clie PEG TH-55 3 years ago and managed to match the colors as well.

    Should I post _that_?

  12. cde says:

    @Localranger, just because the uart isn’t accessible (maybe) doesn’t mean it can’t be used for serial display. Pseudo terminal + the gd image library or php creating an image on the fly + the script that Sprite created. Go look at the logitech g15/m5000 keyboards or z-10 speakers, which have a text display that is really text -> image -> lcd setup. Think outside of the boxen :P

  13. Greg says:

    Dude A Dell!
    I’ve got a dell Inspiron 1420 with Ubuntu and it gets butt.
    Now I also want a hack-a-day sticker, how to get one of those?

    I also thought that the ipod dock was a little old, but you can find some great ones right on

  14. bloo says:

    Oscope as terminal: See Tektronix 4010 and its successors, circa 1975.

  15. strider_mt2k says:

    I would Hack a Day my Dell B130 in a heart beat.

    I have three Dells. They all rock.

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