Cheap DIY acoustic guitar pickup

I stumbled on this simple, but effective and cheap diy guitar pickup in my rounds for interesting hacks. Piezo elements haven’t failed to amaze me. They’re usable for electronic drum kit, underwater microphones, running shoes and musical greeting cards.

(I’ve only found an old, out of print book on hydrophones, so if you’ve got a good reference, send it in.)

HackIt: Better project documentation

Today’s hackit is devoted to everyone who enjoys a good project write-up. I’m on the verge of upgrading my photo gear (Digital Rebel XTi) with some new lighting and a better lens to improve my work and found myself wondering what the community likes to see in a good how-to. What can be done to make them better for the community. Decent photography? Better parts lists? I prefer good photos and reproducible work.

So, got a better idea? Lets hear it.

SitesCollide Podcast

A couple weeks ago Tyrel from SitesCollide interviewed me about Hack-A-Day. Have a listen to the 27 minute podcast if you’ve ever wondered how Hack-A-Day was founded or what the heck we do here. Topics include: MiniPOV3, BrainMachine, Arduino, bowling ball catapult, DMX control, and FPGA crypto cracking.

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