Cheap DIY Acoustic Guitar Pickup

I stumbled on this simple, but effective and cheap diy guitar pickup in my rounds for interesting hacks. Piezo elements haven’t failed to amaze me. They’re usable for electronic drum kit, underwater microphones, running shoes and musical greeting cards.

(I’ve only found an old, out of print book on hydrophones, so if you’ve got a good reference, send it in.)

10 thoughts on “Cheap DIY Acoustic Guitar Pickup

  1. I have on occasion wound electric guitar pickups. I also played around with piezo pickups also. I simple little diy transistor based pre-amp (to fix impedance) makes a world of difference on a piezo pickup, and does not add much cost.

  2. i did this with a piezo element from radioshack for my violin, it amazed my jazz group whenever they heard it. (plus it’s fun to go around telling people you built your own pickup)

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