Build a Twitter client with Fluid

The Fluid Site Specific Browser (SSB) is one of our favorite pieces of kit for Leopard. You can use Fluid to give web services you use constantly like Gmail, Facebook, Wikipedia, or Pandora their own icon and a browser tailored to that site’s specific workflow. Fluid based on WebKit and has plugin support among many other features. Embedded above is [Eric Eggert] showing how to create a reasonable Twitter client using it. The initial setup is identical to any other Fluid app: point it at The clever bit is leveraging Fluid’s GreaseMonkey style userscripting support. He created a userscript to autorefresh. A second userscript is used to strip off all of the extraneous page elements leaving just the text field and the timeline. Every time you get a new message it generates a growl notification and you can even attach it to the status bar. Best of all: it avoids all API limitations since you’re accessing through the web interface.


  1. J03P says:

    I cannot help but wonder about the safety of this.
    greasemonkey’s functionality proved vulnerable at least a few times, where I believe, javascript on the original page was able to hijack its higher privileges, by overriding existing functions used by greasemonkey scripts.

  2. epicelite says:

    Twitter is stupid, why does everyone care? It is just a instant messenger that remembers and shows your messages on a web page.
    Also I do not think ANYONE would care that they friend went to Publix to get a loaf of bread earlier that day.

  3. adam says:

    this is very cool.

  4. miked says:

    i approve of this post.

    there appears to be some hack in it.

  5. Havoc says:

    miked, since when did you think that anyone cared if you approved of this post or not, or any of the posts for that matter. if you have a comment on the actual post itself leave something, otherwise keep your “approvals” to yourself please.

  6. clark says:

    @ epicelite:
    I guess you didn’t hear the story about the young american man who was arrested in Egypt. He twittered that he was being arrested and his friends arranged to get him out ASAP.

    Looks like you just need some better friends who actually do care what you are up to.

  7. charlie says:

    The technologie is cool but that guy really sounds gay. I had to say it!

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