Nano GPS Logger

This is a nice, compact gps logger that’s built around a PIC16F872 and some eeprom chips. It was designed for a particular GPS receiver, but should be easily adaptable to others since the unit ouputs standard sentences at 4800 baud. Full schematics and board layout are available on the project page.

14 thoughts on “Nano GPS Logger

  1. @adam
    It would be possible to get up to 5hz using the EB-85A gpp reciever (, although the GPS used for this tracker only supports 1 update per second. I haven’t looked at his code, but I believer that it would work ‘out of the box’ using the eb-85a gps and log 5 samples per second.

    BTW, I am working on a gps logger than also transmits the location and some sensor data back to a base station for rocket tracking applications.

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