ThingamaKIT video

Bleep Labs has just published a demo video of their new ThingamaKIT that we covered the other day.


  1. Tenetri says:

    I really really wish I had one of these. Gas is killing my wallet now though… I’m beginning to lose money, since my work is so god damn far away…

    Maybe in a year or so, will be awesome to play with

  2. Neodudeman says:

    That thingamajig is quite a snazzy doohicky.

  3. Blake says:

    Just bought a kit. :D
    I think this little box is gonna be a lot of fun.

  4. ex-parrot says:

    why do all these blippy little synths (both here and across youtube) sound so bad? surely they could have found someone who knows how to make it play a tune for the demo video…

  5. Matt says:

    You CAN’T play a tune with this. It’s basically a stompbox-sized analog synth. The oscillator is modulated by photoresistors. It has NO keyboard, so it’s input is the light generated by LEDs. Pretty cool idea, really quirky.

  6. NosyGY says:

    uhm, for you guys who have a hole in ya wallet, theyve put the (simple) schematics for it on their on website ;) If ya cant afford it, buy the cheap components n build it on veroboard.


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