6 thoughts on “ThingamaKIT video

  1. I really really wish I had one of these. Gas is killing my wallet now though… I’m beginning to lose money, since my work is so god damn far away…

    Maybe in a year or so, will be awesome to play with

  2. why do all these blippy little synths (both here and across youtube) sound so bad? surely they could have found someone who knows how to make it play a tune for the demo video…

  3. You CAN’T play a tune with this. It’s basically a stompbox-sized analog synth. The oscillator is modulated by photoresistors. It has NO keyboard, so it’s input is the light generated by LEDs. Pretty cool idea, really quirky.

  4. uhm, for you guys who have a hole in ya wallet, theyve put the (simple) schematics for it on their on website ;) If ya cant afford it, buy the cheap components n build it on veroboard.


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