XBox controller USB labotomy

[sprite_tm]‘s back with one of his excellent Atmel projects. This time he decided to turn an original XBox controller (cause he likes ‘em) into a standard USB HID device. He gutted the custom USB chip that Microsoft installed and replaced it with an Atmel ATMega88. The ATMega required a few changes to the board, but nothing too off the wall.


  1. seems like a lot of work when he could have just installed a driver on his PC.

  2. Andy says:

    As he says on the first page, his motivation for doing it is that the driver, whilst stable and support on linux, can be almost impossible to install on Vista due to it’s driver signing. So he wanted to turn it into a generic HID device to make it easier to use.


  3. mace says:

    Yes, OR you could actually READ the damn article and find out WHY he did not use the driver.

  4. strider_mt2k says:

    He’s gotcha there dude.

    The project is explained on page 1

  5. rasz says:

    its not impossible, you just have to install as an admin, only computer challenged people have trouble with it.. on the other hand only computer challenged people install Vista to play games

  6. enzo says:

    Hello! Anyone has tried to do opposite thing?
    I explain: it’s possible to use an usb pc joystick on xbox?
    I built an Atmega8 based usb joystick (found via hackaday,thanks!), but this device works on PC but is unrecognized by xbox.
    Seems Xbox O.S. problem. It is possible to play with .hex code of Atmega8-16 so that at xbox S.O. appear as a genuine controller?
    In this manner I can connect to xbox a real arcade joystick!
    Thanks in advance anyone!

  7. rasz says:

    enzo yes it is possible to rewrite atmega hid firmware to act like an Xbox pad

  8. enzo says:

    rasz: Oh thanks!
    You experience that?
    Can you tell a bit more?
    Some link?
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Toodles says:

    UPCB already has support for Xbox consoles directly. It’s for 18LF4550 PIC’s, but it should be easy to port it to atmel chips as long as they support full speed USB (youll need an atmel with built in USB hardware; the AVR-USB code is low speed only)

  10. Joe Miller says:

    I know this is way old and much cooler than using a prebuilt driver but Mayflash provides a signed driver for an adaptor they sell/used to, completely passive adaptor so the driver works with a homebuilt one. Only personally tried it with the combination of Duke+Windows 7 64 bit, can’t guarantee it’ll work with other combos but I’d be surprised if it didn’t. driver for the PC018 Super Joy Box 9 PC019 Super Joy Box 10 PC020 and Super Joy Box 11

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