Defcon 16: Glimpses of the Network Operations Center

Wired’s Threat Level takes us on a photo tour of the Defcon Network Operations Center, giving a unique behind-the-scenes perspective of one of the largest computer security conventions. The Defcon Network Operations Center is run by a volunteer group named the “Goons”. They keep operations running smoothly and securely with both high and low-tech resources, like a Cisco fiber switch and an armed guard, to protect the router and firewall.


  1. jose lope says:

    Best PSA message ever…

    “We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for this year’s network security … Cisco… and Smith and Wesson…”

  2. Rivetgeek says:

    Not only so not a hack in any way, but this was on digg two days ago. So basically digg is mostly mybabyman reposting reddit stories and now hackaday is Kimberly reposting digg stories?

    So this is now third generation “not a damned hack”.

  3. adam says:

    I love the simplicity of their setup. Totally awesome how solid it is on how little hardware. Awesome convention coverage guys!

  4. ex-parrot says:

    ahh, good to see some supermicro kit peeking out there!

    NZers who are looking to buy similarly specced systems could do worse than to buy them from where I do:

  5. This is an epic article, I will be adding your blog to my list.

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