Wiitendo: A Wii In An NES Case

[Matt] has managed to cram a Wii into an old NES. The write up is fairly short, but does mention a few details. He installed some Game Cube controller ports and a Game Cube memory card. He’s added some external LEDs connected to the Wii’s power button. He put a lot of effort into this, as he said almost every area of the internal case needed some serious dremel action to make the Wii fit inside. He’s even promised a more detailed write up, so keep an eye out for that.

You might also remember the Wii Laptop previously on Hackaday.
[via Hack a Wii]

17 thoughts on “Wiitendo: A Wii In An NES Case

  1. True, not ‘too’ dificult to accomplish since the wii mostly fits iniside the case anyway. But you still have to give props for the attention to detail and overall cleanness of what’s been done. I play with homebrew alot, so i would need access to the SD card slot.

  2. Take small console, put it in bigger console box, rewires a few things. No i’m not seeing the “coolness” in this one either. First off why put something in a BIGGER case? No modification was needed except extending some wires. But I guess with the economy and other situations Hack-a-day probably isn’t getting the real neat stuff it use to.

    I liked the music in the video however. 2/10 For me.

  3. You lost me at “serious dremel action”

    I don’t know how dremel action could be taken seriously, I assume it is a bastardization of tedious dremel action, dude.

    I could relent, if serious dremel action meant a router or a knee mill. If you are going to go into a project like this without removing the case of the Wii you had better plan on using something to remove the material. I just hope he used something like these carbide burrs: http://www.american-carbide.com/Burs/CB.php

    If you have the money for a Wii (and are serious about hacking) maybe you should budget for a cheap mill or a diy router mill and take the case off of the nintendo.

    After the mini-itx nintendo ( http://www.mini-itx.com/projects/nespc/ ) I am not that impressed with a wii with a shell on it. You can buy a Core2 ITX board for $70 on ebay (d201gly2), I would rather see that overclocked and installed in a NES.

    Enough bitching, it is kool for what it is. I second the SD, maybe that could be extended to the face above or below the GC ports.

    You could also put wireless GC recievers on the other two GC ports, then nobody would know.

    Or better yet put one of these in so that the NES ports actually work :D http://www.raphnet.net/electronique/x2wii/index_en.php

  4. I admit that not taking the wii out of the case was cruddy but like fish said its something from 2008 that looks like its from the 80’s is what’s so cool. I guess that’s something that just doesn’t appeal to everyone.

  5. I cant believe you guys are posting things like this! I mean hacking electronics and making cool stuff is one thing, but this is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!

    If everyone figures this out and my Wii ends up getting stolen instead of thinking it was a “old worthless NES” I hope you are held accountable…


  6. i have been wanting to do this with a nano-itx mother board.. but have been lacking the funds for sometime

    my plan is to mount a optical drive in the cartrage door. the rest will fit in.. barely but i want to rewire a usb hub to to plug into the front ports.

    hack goals.
    functioning computer inside of nes case.
    make the case appear unmoddified.

  7. You see I put a lot of thought into this. About a week after the Wii came out I had this idea. He should have used 2 NES cases and cut them a little bigger than half in order to make the Wii fit entirely inside the NES. Also No-one should be able to see any Wii parts, meaning there should be a wireless sensor bar and the power brick should be internal and set flush with the back so that you can just plug the cord part into it. Also the RCA jacks on the NES should be replaced with straight through barrels ran to the video output on the Wii. So it looks 100% stock. After this it should be either kept stock gray or painted gloss white with a Wiintendo Entertainment System logo.

    1. Cool man, why don’t you shut up and go build one? @ least this guy has something tangible to hold in his hands. All you’ve got is hot air and a shitty ego. I hate people who criticize mods when they have nothing to show themselves. Build it and they will come, bitch! Until then stop being a douche.

  8. i’d like to see some new electronics redesigned as if they were built in another era, but without the size. what would the Wii look like in a cornered, grey/red/black color scheme? an iPod done up with the coarse, Macintosh Plus beige plastic and rainbow apple logo? probably ugly, but still interesting in a retro kind of way.

  9. the music is called chiptunes look it up there is a 2:45 yeah 2 hours of it made and compiled by a retired 4chan moderator W.T. snacks i am sure with a bit of google you could find it.

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