Google releases keyCzar

Google has released keyCzar, a cryptographic toolkit that supports encryption and authentication for both symmetric and public-key algorithms.

Cryptography is a common problem area for web programmers. keyCzar aims to help alleviate some of the issues by supplying safe defaults, tagging versions, and a simple interface.

[via Zero Day]


  1. Let Google keep the keys to the castle, direct traffic to the castle, AND charge to send it there?

    Im in!

  2. Steve Weis says:

    Hi William. Keyczar is just a software library, not a service. Your keys live wherever you want them to. Google is not holding keys in escrow or anything like.


  3. Matt says:

    Now THAT is service! Second post is by one of the authors! Care to comment on the peer review process to date, Steve?

  4. Steve Weis says:

    Hi Matt. It has been internally reviewed, but the public peer review process is just starting. There has already been some good feedback. I anticipate we’ll make significant changes before the 1.0 release based on open source contributors.

    (PS – Why does this comment system convert everything to lower case?)

  5. adam says:

    this looks promising. good to see more open software packages that could be use to develop more secure software.

  6. Shadyman says:


    Who knows why the comment system does what it does. It doesn’t even have a password field to enter your password, so even though you have a password, you have to ‘activate’ your comments each time.

  7. Fate says:

    I think it’s running the clbuttic comment system.

  8. Andrew says:

    And how is this a hack?

    This looks like a cross between an advertisement and a press-release, barely warmed over.

    hackaday is looking more & more like slashdot, but without the +5 funny

  9. Jay Eff says:

    Andrew, Mod +5 Insightful

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