Google releases keyCzar

Google has released keyCzar, a cryptographic toolkit that supports encryption and authentication for both symmetric and public-key algorithms.

Cryptography is a common problem area for web programmers. keyCzar aims to help alleviate some of the issues by supplying safe defaults, tagging versions, and a simple interface.

[via Zero Day]

9 thoughts on “Google releases keyCzar

  1. Hi William. Keyczar is just a software library, not a service. Your keys live wherever you want them to. Google is not holding keys in escrow or anything like.


  2. Hi Matt. It has been internally reviewed, but the public peer review process is just starting. There has already been some good feedback. I anticipate we’ll make significant changes before the 1.0 release based on open source contributors.

    (PS – Why does this comment system convert everything to lower case?)

  3. @steve:

    Who knows why the comment system does what it does. It doesn’t even have a password field to enter your password, so even though you have a password, you have to ‘activate’ your comments each time.

  4. And how is this a hack?

    This looks like a cross between an advertisement and a press-release, barely warmed over.

    hackaday is looking more & more like slashdot, but without the +5 funny

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