Cutting pizza with a laser

In an act of delicious over kill, these guys threw a pizza into an industrial laser cutter. The result? Exactly what you would expect. Smoke, giggles and perfectly cut pizza. It looks like the cheese stuck together a bit after the laser cut, but that happens with normal pizza cutters too.
[via DVICE]


  1. yon says:

    OMG! I thought “could you cut a pizza using a laser” like 10 minutes ago!!

  2. Stephen Kuhl says:

    this would solve the problem of the cheese sticking together.

  3. mike says:

    just how bored do you have to be to one day think “dude…lets order a pizza, then stick it in our laser cutting machine”?

    Did anyone else remember that part in the first ninja turtles movie where mikey is saying that it (leonardo) slices, it dices, and then whomp! a slice of pizza lands in master splinters head. childhood memories…

  4. kyle says:

    @2 yup, vividly. no lets get to work RE’ing that van

  5. JD says:


  6. BigD145 says:

    Why not use a water cutter? No more stuck cheese.

  7. theIsovist says:

    what someone really needs to do is stick a marshmellow peep into one of these, james bond style. I always wanted to do this in college, but i didn’t want to risk messing up the laser cutter.

  8. demietoile says:

    now all we need is a cnc taco mill

  9. >>bigd145

    The waterknife made no sound at all, microscopic gnat suspended in a needle-stream of high-speed water. The thing was intended to cut glass and alloy, Bobby knew, not to slice microwaved pizza, and he wanted to scream at her because he was terrified she’d take off her thumb without even feeling it.

    She lovingly sliced the last piece, toed the kickplate that shut the knife down, transferred the sliced pizza to a plain white ceramic platter, then turned toward the rectangle of blue beyond the balcony, where her children were now. Bobby said, way down in himself, no way. Because the things that wheeled and plunged for her weren’t hang-gliding kids, but babies, the monstrous babies of Marsha’s dream, and the tattered wings a confusion; of pink bone, metal, patched taut membranes of scrap plastic . . . He saw their teeth

  10. Alan says:

    No more fighting over the big slice of pizza. They will all be the same to a fraction of a mm with this cutting method. :)

  11. Josh says:

    Okay, I’ve seen the pizza one a long while back. But, the coffee one is pretty cool.
    Too bad they’re too big to mount on sharks…

  12. Jack says:

    Now just to part the crust off in a lathe and we have the perfect Pizza

  13. c says:

    Now just to part the crust off in a lathe and we have the perfect Pizza

  14. sunjester says:

    not a hack.

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