16 circuit bent toys

OObject compiled a list of 16 circuit bent kids’ toys found on YouTube. There’s a broad range here: from Speak & Spells, to Pikachus, to Game Boys, and even the odd vinyl based toy. It’s an interesting list, but you won’t find a single soothing sound in the group.

[via Gizmodo]


  1. kvmanii says:

    ahhh I dont know if I should laugh, be frightened, or step back scientificly and admire this hack…

    BTW it said “there was — everywhere”

  2. Can anybody explain to me why this isn’t just stupid? And what’s with the urine fascination?

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    this really got me laughing!
    It’s so twisted that it’s absolutely delicious!


    circuit bending isn’t supposed to necessarily make sense.
    I recently took my turn at a .50 cent electronic guitar and it was great fun!

  4. therian says:

    just waist 5 minuets of my life. I want them back !

  5. mem says:

    circut bending was cool when used in the original pong machine as it was a clever hack to produce some cheap sound bytes. Nowdays it seems it is just annoying twits.

  6. nikotine says:

    that’s just sick :s

  7. blizzarddemon says:

    Pickchu link dead, saw it already, just thought it might be a different one. great hacks though

  8. Blackice says:

    Can’t sleep…doll will eat me…

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